steel end mill

DLTUS600 series - General Machining of Stainless Steel


RCMB/RCM series, RHM series standard diamond cutting router

The RCMB/RCM/RHM router has a diamond cut geometry that can be used for contour routing of most general-purpose printed circuit boards. The design provides good evacuation and longevity.

RCMB/RCM series, up draft type:

The RCMB/RCM router has a right hand, an upward sketch design and a diamond cut geometry. It has a nice surface finish because it has a lot of evacuations. Suitable for vacuum extraction CNC machine tools.

RH Steel end mill series, drop-down:

DLTUS650 series - High Efficiency Machining of Stainless Stee

The RHM router has a left hand, a downward sketch design and a diamond cut geometry. It reduces the burr on the surface because it reduces the geometry. Suitable for manual wiring machine.

SC series chip circuit breaker flute router

The SC router has a right hand, and the sketch design on it has a broken geometry that cuts into small pieces and helps reduce the radial load of the spiral groove.

Suitable for routing of peripheral contour lines. This steel end mill series has a good effect on reducing burr.

SCMB/SCM series chip crusher router

SCMB/SCM routers are suitable for general routing and split. It has high resistance to breakage and good dimensional stability.

RLE series chip crusher flute router

The RLE router improves the good swarf evacuation design and is made of anti-wear materials. The router maintains good accuracy in long distance routing.

The router shows the best performance for contour routing.

The router slot

RP series double slot groove groove

The RP router has a right hand, with a sketch of the design.

Because swarf is removed, this router is suitable for a CNC routing machine for vacuum extraction.

RPU series, double groove groove groove with ULF coating

RPU router is an ulf coating of RP series, superior to coating on self-lubricating performance.

This series has a better effect on the reduction of burr, because the ULF coating can prevent the deposition of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and copper.

RS series pull-type 2 – flute type router

The RS router has a left hand and the downward design is used for vertical cutting.

It is suitable for cutting when dimensional precision is required. It also works to prevent burrs from working on the board.

Router soft material