the orbital stretch machine

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Orbital stretch wrapper
Orbital stretch wrapper and spiral wrapping machine

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The project has been changed so I will try to explain how is the process now:

  • First of all the bundle is wrapped with kraft in all the perimeter of the bundle and also the tail and the head.
  • Then the customer roller conveyor will displace the wrapped bundle to the orbital stretch machine position (do not care about this because is our work).
  • After strapping will be another wrapping line with stretch film to wrap all the perimeter and also the tail and the head.

We have your offer for stretch film with two different sealing system but I was thinking and I do not know if you can offer the next solution à a wrapping system which can cover the front face, both sides and tail face of the bundle and then the typical wrapping machine to wrap the bundle.

So please send us the offer of the wrapping Line with kraft paper and also an offer with my explanation of the previous line.

Also I would like to know which are your suppliers of the electric, pneumatic and hydraulic elements of the machines (if they are).

In the case you need more information feel free to contact with us.