Automatic coil Stacker and wrapper

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Light weight aluminum foil pot generation coil packaging line has been developed and designed as an enhanced model to produce aluminum meals dishes, trays and containers. The doing work speed of stretch wrapping machine is 50-75 pcs/min (with 1 cavity form), along with its velocity is determined by container?ˉs size and complexity. It could be built with multiple- cavity moulds. Lightweight aluminum foil pot generation line CTJF-60T comprises the followings: Decoiler (with the vehicle-lubricator) Power manage panel Oxygen result control products 60 ton pneumatic hit Form Car-stacker or conveyor (which include scrap collector) Selection workdesk.

Main Capabilities:

(1) This production line can work quickly. Worker manage and normalize this generation line by means of electric powered control gear.

(2) The thickness of decoiler is about 550mm.

(3) The providing system management serving length and moving by laptop or computer, whicwhich promise a high-precision methods.

(4) We can style and make various machines on demand. There is some difference in machine?ˉs external-look.

(5) The click may be provided with solitary cavity or multiple-cavity moulds for wrinkle-wall or sleek-walls pot manufacturing. The operating flow of aluminum foil coil packaging machine: Aluminum foil roll —decoiler—atmosphere result handle equipment—60T pneumatic click—mould—vehicle-stacker or conveyor— collection desk.

Elements of Line

Components of manufacturing line:

1. Auto-moisturized Foil Feeder

2. Duration Controller

3. Seimens Control Panel

4. Pneumatic Click

5. Automated coil Stacker


1. Simple running and controling

2. Higher quality and efficiency

3. Good post sales services

4. Very competitive selling price

After-Income Service

1. Technical engineers available to support coil wrapping machinery abroad.

2. We can provide intermship services and enable you to workout

operator and machine.

3. CHOCTAEK supplies a frequent practical assistance to support the consumer, taking good care of installing levels, tests and continuous servicing aid of the coil packaging machines.