Automatic encrusting machine for pastry

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The encrusting confectionery machine is designed to produce mold pastry, cheese curds, and all selection of filled bakery, using the filling equipment weight ranging from 12 to 110 gr, and the system capability starting from 60 to 200 kilos hourly. The all set products are planting immediately in the preparing dish calculating 600 x 800 mm.

The Encrusting unit was created to fungus pastry: cakes, shortcake and cookies extravagant cakes, pastry loaded with custard, and all sorts of the range of various expensive filled bakery. curd, cookies′ and Short choux pastry, yeast cash, or some other pastry can be applied. The device are unable to procedure mixture. The filling up may range between diverse custards, jams, fresh fruits butters, preserves, boiled condensed milk,vegetable and fruit, or nuts′ pastes, curds, to other pastes. For instance:

Moulder of confectionery – shortcake, other, cakes and cookies goods with many different fillings. Within the creation of desserts filled money is a bit fuller than normal and jigging cupcakes performed on unique sheets with forms, pushed from the user on the machine table yourself.

For creating patties and tubes, donuts filled with minced various meats, jam or marmalade. Shaping dough inside the diaphragm forming process use specific form cams .

For that manufacture of chocolates in which the shell, for example, is made of frayed dried up fresh fruits , as well as the filling up can be used nougat.

For jigging cheese curds with many different fillings. Curds are put in the belt enrobing machine with the automated stacker.

For the creation of circular dumpling – ravioli, which is used as a satisfying of various meats, fowl, sea food or any other ground various meats.

For the output of items with a variety of two-sculpt patterns. As an example, for producing two-tone biscuits or cakes tinted more dark cash is packed in to the hopper for filling as well as a special distribution nozzle is placed to the filling machine.

The body weight of the shaped goods ranges from 12 to 110 gr. The size of the products could be coordinated through the selection of exchangeable dividers. The shape from the products may differ; it may be round-, oval-, tubule-, adhere-, bon-bon-designed, etc. The top of the products can be either smooth or curly.

Operational, the automatic encrusting machine system admits of smooth regulating the amount of filling up in the prepared goods, the thickness of encrusting, the dimensions of the products.

It will take a short while simply to reset the device to creation of various goods. Necessary parts and assemblies are easily disassembled to clean and cleaned.