Automatic slitting steel coil packing line

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Steel coil packaging line, strip stretch wrapping and stacking solution manufacturer
As a manufacturer, there are many type coil packing system per didferent packaging goal.
My team will follow up your requirement in coil packing line.
Width:25-700mm       OD:650-2000mm     ID:450-650mm    Max.Weight:4T
Package weight: Max.12T
Learning from your need for slitting coil size, following is economic suggestion.
Automatic handing and packing for witdth: 25-400mm    OD:650-1800mm.The rest big OD&width coil handling by crane with manually/semiauto packing.
If you insisit one packing line for all size coil packaging, it is not problem too, but the cost higher much.
Automatic steel coil packaging line
slitting coil packagign line
This is the machine including the turnstile, weighing machine, strapping machine, wrapping machine for film  & paper, centering machine, stacking machine and conveyor. Please check and let me know  what is the function required by your company. If the packing line needs more function, please let me know.
Besides, please provide following information.
1. what is the packing material, such as stretch film, paper, woven…
2. Do you heve the timber between the coil while it stocks on pallet
Waiting for your reply.