Basic safety manages: packaging machine

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Capacity : 8-12 Cartons/minutes.

The way it is blanks stand up and down in the speedy fill newspaper which has space for longer than

100 blanks (might be distinct according to the size of your carton).

The blank is acquired from the newspaper by way of a product with suction power servings and erected

For the carton holder. The erected carton is nourished by a cellular mechanised activity,

The adhesive tape fasten is used on the extended flap during serving.

Protection manages:

-When blanks are not given in effectively

-When generate motors are excess

-When protection guards are launched

-When atmosphere tension in undersized

All parts arriving in touch with the packages are created from stainless or corrosion protected fabric.

The coil packaging machine is operated by way of a small laptop or computer( also known as PLC).

Carton common:

Min maximum

Duration 200mm 450mm

Thickness 150mm 400mm

Size 100mm 350mm

Electric power provide : 380/220v, 3-stage, 50 hz or as necessary.

Management voltage : 24v, DC

Made from:

– N. 1 Infeed conveyor

– N. 1 Loading station

– N. 1 Manual rail

– N. 1 Carton owner

Product to get covered: Family pet-package of drinking water

Pack collation: 5*8 4*6 in carton

Speed: 10-12 cartons/min

General Features

1. The coil packaging machine packer are made with reliable profiled metal welded buildings. Torsion-free of charge, doing work reliability and extended daily life.

2. All parts are colored using a two element epoxy painting.

3. The machine has recollection collections for preserve data and simple to use on a number of packages the very next time.To demonstrate the survey the point and errorguides and point to operation and maintenance.