Brotary auto cushion food packaging stretch wrapping machine

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automated cushion food packaging and stretch wrapping machine

range of Program

Appropriate forbiscuits and rice, snowfall cake, pie, chocolate and bread immediate noodles, moonmedicines and cake, everyday requirements, industrial components, paper boxes or containers, and other normal items packaging


1. Double inverter control, handbag size may be establishing and slicing, without air cooling.

2. Man-machine graphical user interface, handy parameter environment.

3. Self-diagnostics, mistake is visible instantly.

4. Substantial sensitivity photoelectric eye shade tracing, electronic feedback minimize placement making the cutting place better.

5. Temperature impartial PID manage, and fitted to many different packaging components

6. Positioned quit function, with out adhering blade or wasting film.

7. Powertrain easy, it trustworthy, handy servicing

8. All manage content software to facilitate the purpose of restructuring and technological upgrading, by no means backward.

Technical info




Film size

Max. 320mm

Handbag size

65-190 or 120-280mm

90-220 or 150-330mm

Case Width


Merchandise height



Film roll diameter

Max. 320mm

Packing speed

40-230 handbag/minutes



Overall Size


Excess weight



Optional air products

For warrantee parts and service:

**1 calendar year warranty.

**Inside of warrantee period of time, all swaps as a result of problems cost nothing and present matainece service forever extended (Buyer is mainly responsible for shipping and delivery fees).

**beyond warrantee period ,all the support are certainly not available .