Info Pallet wrapping machine

automatic horizontal stretch wrapper

The main performance and structure characteristics:
In English display control system, stainless steel body, only the parameters are set at the display setting unit (Dai Chang), the control system will automatically optimize and match the actions, thus achieving the best horizontal stretch wrapper packing speed.
2 Double light source photoelectric detection system is stable and reliable, to ensure complete logo bags.
3horizontal stretch wrapper temperature control. Automatic measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, printing, cutting and counting all the work; by three side seal double side heating or four sides sealing heat sealing mode (can also be customized back seal).
The scope of application:
Suitable for screws, nuts, fasteners, hardware small parts etc..
The main technical parameters:
Production capacity: 30-70bag/min
Measuring range: 1-8 particle (can be customized multi particle)
The bag size: length (L) of 20-120mm???? wide (W) 50-85mm
Total power: 1KW
Net weight: 150KG?
Power supply voltage: 380V? 50Hz?? 50-60Hz?? 220V?
Packing material: paper / polyethylene, polyester / nylon / polyethylene aluminum foil / PE, etc.
Size: 1270 (L) * 945 (W) * 1616 (H) mm
* Electronic logic circuit system of the newly developed, can improve the speed and accuracy of the machine;
* Machine can achieve unmanned packing, also can control the whole process of single package, easy to use;
* According to customer requirements, customized 1-5 channel bundling, speed: 2 seconds / road;
* Unique aluminum alloy stent, mechanical structure of the most novel, oil free;
* Electrical components selected international brands, the whole horizontal stretch wrapper machine is stable and reliable quality.
Automatic strapping machine of well-known foreign imported parts, the horizontal stretch wrapping machine has the advantages of simple operation, high work efficiency, energy saving, high quality, packaging advantages of low failure rate, long service life; mainly for the commercial, postal, railway, bank, food, medical, publications issuing etc..

Info Pallet wrapping machine

stretch wrapping for and strapping machine

It is the world’s largest industrial packaging products manufacturers, enjoy high reputation in the field of global industrial packaging, customers in the iron and steel, nonferrous metals, paper, cotton, chemical fiber and other industrial fields. CIGNA is a bundle of pioneer zone of packaging industry, the current steel tape, plastic tape standard source of confidence Connaught standards, it also laid the CIGNA leadership in the horizontal stretch wrapper packaging industry.
The scope of supply
Packing method: manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic
Strap material: plastic PET/PP belt, steel strip
Buckle: steel buckle: bite (forward or reverse), extrusion
Buckle free: triple buckle free, four key buckle free (a key for the reverse lock)
Welding: laser, hot melt, friction
Product manual (download)
Application results
Application field
Bundling objects
The strap type
Interlocking way
Head type
Metal industry
Iron and steel plant, aluminum
Coil, sheet, profiles, wire rod, tube and rod steel, PET Steel buckle, buckle free, welding, M410 PRHR, VT, PFH, SPC, AK200
Non metal industry
Papermaking factory
Paper, cardboard strip, PETx Deduction, welding
Fiber industry
Cotton, wool, viscose, polyester, nylon, acrylic, polyurethane, polyvinyl alcohol, polypropylene fiber with PET????? M634/658 welding, VTI, BST+PT
Building materials industry
Fiber board, gypsum board, wood, stone, brick, floor strip, PET Welding, steel buckle, buckle free BST+PT???,? SLP?,? SCM?, VT?
The printing industry
Newspapers, books and periodicals?? PP??? Welding?? LBX?, HBX?
Project case
One, the metal industry
Metal rolling factory, production of coil, sheet, profiles, tubes, wire rod and other products, in the transport process of the need for product packing, CIGNA bundling machine in steel strapping market accounted for more than 70% of the market. Metal engineering company of international repute, such as SMS, Danieli, CMI, Siemens are long-term cooperative partner of the Cigna Corporation, involves bundling process section including hot-rolled, cold-rolled, galvanized, acid rolling, continuous annealing, coating, cutting, trimming, high coiled bars and so on. In the domestic large-scale iron and steel plant are basic CIGNA bundling tool in a continuous and reliable operation.
Coil single head Zhou Xiangquan automatic strapping machine
Coil double head Zhou Xiangquan automatic strapping machine
Coil circumferential top automatic strapping machine
Coil eyes to the automatic strapping machine
Automatic strapping machine wire coil
Automatic strapping machine pipe
Automatic strapping machine profiles
Automatic strapping machine plate
Automatic strapping machine bar
Automatic strapping machine for aluminum ingot
Two, non metal industry
Brick automatic strapping machine??? Tile automatic strapping machine
Automatic cotton baler??? Stone automatic strapping machine
Wood automatic strapping machine??? Wood manual bundling machine
Building automatic strapping machine??? Carton automatic strapping machine
The electrical appliances automatic strapping machine

Pallet wrapping machine


Chinese automatic-rotary-ring-pallet-stretch-wrapper
Rotary  ring Pallet stretch Wrapper offers revolutionary film conserving compared to rotary desk or left arm styles.

Conceptually just like the aged palelt wrapping machine combination of engagement ring wrapper but 30% cheaper. The film carriage is rotated and supported utilizing a 96″ diameter engagement ring. As opposed to a traditional turntable or rotary left arm machine that must support and turn a large number of lbs of size in order to apply the stretch film, the ring rotates just the carriage alone. The result is actually a considerably fasterreduced size rotation system” that due to the limited strain and stress around the working component is way better designed for 24hr/1 week a week programs. The stretch wrapper rotary ring pallet wrapper reduces stretch film cost drastically when compared to conventional rotary arm and turntable style wrappers, because of its ability to stop and start the cycle anywhere on the load.

The film clamp ins ring stretch wrapper and film tail treatment travels vertically with the film carriage. That is key feature. This design function enables the machine to practically finish and start a cover routine anyplace in the pallet.


Pallet wrapping machine

automatic robot stretch wrapper

stretch wrapping machine
automatic pallet wrapping machine


Robot pallet Stretch wrapper machines are used to wrap stretch film around a loaded pallet. Film provides extra support while the products are being transported & storage to protect them from tip, spill or from being damaged. The Robot pallet wrapper with stretch film packaging are good quality and reliable.
The advantage with our wrapping Robots are following:
1) No need installation and commissioning.
2) No limit for pallet size in any dimension.
3) No limit for pallet load and product in any form and shape
4) No limit for wrap pallet and products in any weight
5) No limit for packaging film
6) No limit for moving inside your warehouse
8) Quick packing withunmanned operation
9) The Wrapping is good stability


Technical Features:


The automatic robotic wrapper is doing wrapping packaging without limiting in size, height,and weight of product. Wrapping speed is fast that wrapper.

The designing is special for transportation package with easy maintain and opertion.


Weight 325 Kg Bottary 230 V – 50/60 Hz – 1 PH Min.

pallet size 600 x 600 mm

Max.Height of package 2100 mm

Turning speed 1-16R/min

Pre-stretch 350%

Up Wrapping setting 1-10r

Down wrapping seting 1-10r

Sensor control: adjustable


Film carriage

l         Powered pre-stretch system up to 200% to min film consumption(Prestretch ratio can be specially made according your requirements.)

l         Carriage door opens for effortless roll change and thread film

l         Film delivery variable speed by separate DC Drive Motor

l         Film dancer-bar with variable speed output

l         Heavy duty double-chain carriage lift, calm and safety

Pallet wrapping machine

stretch machine operator attaches the film

Higher PROFILE W-N-W is actually a sturdy wrapper supported, designed and manufactured to offer you difficulty free of charge functioning.

The stretch machine operator attaches the film to the pallet fill and starts the stretch wrapping routine .The EZ-Fill film pre-stretch element expands the film from 150Per cent to 300Per cent (200Percent normal). When the cover period is complete, the immediately tears the film and connects the tail for the wrapped fill. The stress has become considered in the turntable by means of the 4 digital fill cellular material built into the turntable which offer a digital readout on the receiver constructed onto the Manage Panel. The pallet can now be taken off the turntable.

YSTEM Installment

The Wrap-N-Consider models are shipped as two items made up of the tower area and the turntable/level portion. After placement, a simple disconnect plug links the 2 sections with each other.

The turntable/range section mandates that the scale pucks be assembled to the firm attached fill cellular material and therefore the stretch wrapping machine degree modified to permit the scale to read appropriately. Right after plug in, the owner manual will show you the whole program start-up. The level segment will personal-calibrate during this period. Once the product is installed correctly, it will work as a free standing device.


Tablet pc Choices: Tablet pc Choice 1, Contains all electronic digital files, schematic, BOM and manual components website link quick reduce, quit watch conversion process work schedule FA reports for certain pallet wrapping machine as well as an stretch wrapper GMAIL account for our most recent campaigns

Tablet computer Alternative 2, Tablet pc 1 in addition to the QSI personal instruction module for the table to work as a personal coaching instrument

Pallet wrapping machine

All pallet stretch wrapping equipment

The Ability-stretch wrapping SERIES is a component of any robust type of stretch wrapping gear created to maximize stretch film use while ensuring the top load unitization. All pallet STRETCHTM equipment is designed with heavyobligation bolstered architectural steel and completed no-corrosive Metallic-It fresh paint, to ensure many years of trustworthy wrapping. The AbilitySERIES is manufactured in the us and sold through our across the country supplier community.

The AbilitySERIES will be the efficient stretch wrapping solution for all substance dealing with environments. This automatic basic level turntable stretch wrapper is totally accessible to forklift operators without getting off the pickup truck The EnergyRange may be purchased with all the Place-N-Think about? attribute that combines weighing and wrapping into one operation, by integrating precision regulates in to the turntable bottom. The AbilityCollection is available in low and high profile.

Setting of Functioning

The forklift operator packages the pallet onto the turntable of the POWER SERIES. The operator then draws the lanyard power cord to begin the cover series. The film is automatically connected, the pallet is twisted, as well as the film is immediately reduce and also the tail is wiped towards the pallet. When the wrapping pattern is completed, the twisted load is taken away through the turntable program by forklift. Right after the cover area is obvious, a new fill is situated as well as the routine is recurring.

Far off lanyard to start out period

Changeable top and base illuminated LED wrap counter tops from -7

Magnet proximity switches instead of mechanised restrict changes

Cycle pause feature and turntable run management

Leading film over wrap management attribute (TOC)*

Electronic digital film tension adjustment manage on management panel

Independent up and down film carriage manages with walk up/down switch

Guide walk manage for turntable

Improved photograph eye for automatic fill size sensing of color loads

Micrologix 1200 PLC Management System making use of UL/CSA approved components

NEMA 1 electric powered enclosurebr

Pallet wrapping machine

the rotary arm stretch wrapping machine for pallet

Electro-Place Rotary Tower pallet wrapper, is really a sturdy wrapper created, supported and manufactured to provide difficulty free of charge functioning

Function of Procedure

The pallet fill is positioned beneath the rotary arm of the wrapper Electro-Cover stretch wrapping machine. The film is automatically connected to the pallet weight and starts off the stretch wrapping routine .The rotary arm moves round the fixed weight as the EZ-LOAD? film pre-stretch unit expands the film from 150 to 300Percent (200Percent standard). Once the cover routine is finished, the device clamps, cuts and baby wipes the film to the pallet. The pallet is now able to eliminated and also the period recurring.

Weightyresponsibility, welded steel development (no plastic material sections) designed for longevity

Eco friendly Natural powder Covered paint

Up to 15 RPM rotary arm can deliver 25-40 lots per hour

Machine Control Features

Cycle pause attribute

Best film above wrap management function (TOC)*

Electronic film stress modification control on management panel

Safety eyesight halts left arm rotation in emergencies

Carriage pause management

Handbook manage for rotary left arm

Positive house place positioning

Film Shipping Program

EZ-Weight? film pre-stretch dispenser for 25” film moves

Anti-fixed film rollers with manufacturer’s life time warrantee

Film pre-stretch capability from completely to 300% stretch element (200Per cent standard)

Dancer nightclub adjustable area payment

Photograph electric weight height sensing

Top film more than wrap manage attribute (TOC)*

Paperwork Included with this Machine

ARPAC gives one backup of their Top Rated Operation & Upkeep Guide, such as colour illustrations, with each machine (A Compact disc model might be substituted upon demand).

Guides are stretch wrapping machine-certain and supply information about pallet wrapping machinemaintenance and function, bought component paperwork, safety and operating methods (which includes highlighted examples).

A far more comprehensive explanation of the Functioning & Servicing handbook offered with this pallet wrapping machine is situated in stretch wrapper .

Pallet wrapping machine

turntable pallet wrapping machine

Turntable stretch wrapping machine
Turntable stretch wrapping machine


Turntable stretch wrapping machine
Turntable stretch wrapping machine
The quality platform, rotary tower and orbital pallet stretch wrappers are among the most total line of pallet stretch wrapping
methods in the market. pallet stretch wrappers can pallet cover equally unstable and stable pallet lots. With fill capabilities ranging
from 3,000Lbs. to limitless excess weight, you are sure to get the correct method to match your demands.


ProfessionalSeries LP Choice, 48″ Ramp Extension: Employed for electric pallet jack reloading to reduced profile machines.

ProfessionalRange LP Option, Entry Ramp (Regular): Employed for hands pallet jack reloading to reduced account machines.

ProfessionalSeries LP Choice, AFTD (Auto Film Rip Product): This gadget instantly tears film at the conclusion of the cycle removing razor-sharp things from being used by operators to cut film

ProfessionalCollection LP Choice, Routine Counter-top: A device that matters the actual periods from the machine (Resettable)

ProRange LP Option, Expanded Film Tower: 12″ Expanded tower

ExpertSeries LP Alternative, Prolonged Film Tower: 24″ Prolonged tower (Knocked lower tower, some assembly necessary)

ProfessionalRange LP Alternative, Prolonged Film Tower: 36″ Prolonged tower (Knocked down tower, some assembly necessary)

ProRange LP Choice, Break up Frame Construction: Used for raising weight clearance for the tower (large pallets). can be employed with existing scales.

ProRange LP Alternative, Best platen (Free-standing): Utilized for high, light-weight, or unstable plenty. This gadget is applicable strain to the very top in the skid stabilizing the stress for rotation. It includes a 24″ dia shock absorbing disc. No compressed air required.

ProfessionalSeries LP Option, Turntable pallet wrapper Improvements: 72″ Round turntable And 6000 pounds load capacity upgrade (Reduced User profile)

ProCollection LP Choice, 12″ Expanded base frame employed for large pallets (lower profile break up versions only)

ExpertSeries LP Option, 12″ Extension on the top platen mast

ProRange LP Option, 24″ Extension at the top platen mast

ExpertRange LP Alternative, 36″ Extension on top platen mast

Tablet computer Options: Tablet Alternative 1, Includes all electronic documents, manual, schematic and BOM parts link brief reduce, quit watch conversion process schedule FA reports for particular machine as well as an  GMAIL take into account our latest promotions

Tablet computer Option 2, Tablet pc 1 plus the QSI self training element for your kitchen table to function as a personal training tool

Pallet wrapping machine

Semiauto Pallet wrapping machine


stretch wrapping machine
semiauto stretch wrapping machine
The brand new PROSERIES stretch wrapping machine enjoys the reputation of being one of the most inexpensive semi-automatic machines on the market today. A brand new ergonomic sturdy design, with stores enclosed within the tower frame, guarantees safer operation.
Regular functions include: illuminated adjustable 
 Directed best & base wrap counters, best overwrapping control,
anti-static film rollers, period pause,
adjustable speed controls for both carriage and turntable,
upgraded picture eyes to see most darker loads,
plus EZ-LOAD Powered Pre-Stretch,
maximizing stretch film usage.
Technical information for pallet semi auto stretch wrapping machine
Welded heavyduty strengthened architectural steel construction for approximately-the-clock operation

Steel-It color provides a long lasting scuff resilient area and prevents rust

Forklift portable

4 stage caster support for Hewlett packard turntable

6 couples – Delrin caster help for LP turntable

Turntable primary travel: 1/2 Hewlett packard, 90 VDC engine with ANSI 50 sequence

Micro control reason

Leading aboveplace management attribute (TOC)

Routine pause manage

Turntable jog management

Carriage pause management (banding)

Changeable dual LED place surfaces (-7)

Corner settlement

Antifixed rollers

UL accepted components

Exterior fuses

Positive home position positioning

Photo electric weight size indicator that detects most darker coloured lots

EZ-Fill Driven Pre-Stretch 150-300%, 200Per cent Regular

Variable carriage pace (-21 FPM)

Turntable velocity of -12 RPM changeable

Carriage push: 1/3 Hewlett packard, 90 VDC engine with ANSI chain lift drive