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Chinese automatic-rotary-ring-pallet-stretch-wrapper
Rotary  ring Pallet stretch Wrapper offers revolutionary film conserving compared to rotary desk or left arm styles.

Conceptually just like the aged palelt wrapping machine combination of engagement ring wrapper but 30% cheaper. The film carriage is rotated and supported utilizing a 96″ diameter engagement ring. As opposed to a traditional turntable or rotary left arm machine that must support and turn a large number of lbs of size in order to apply the stretch film, the ring rotates just the carriage alone. The result is actually a considerably fasterreduced size rotation system” that due to the limited strain and stress around the working component is way better designed for 24hr/1 week a week programs. The stretch wrapper rotary ring pallet wrapper reduces stretch film cost drastically when compared to conventional rotary arm and turntable style wrappers, because of its ability to stop and start the cycle anywhere on the load.

The film clamp ins ring stretch wrapper and film tail treatment travels vertically with the film carriage. That is key feature. This design function enables the machine to practically finish and start a cover routine anyplace in the pallet.