coil packaging line and coil stacker

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coil packaging line
coil packaging line and stacker

Slit coil stacker

By sliding after cutting, this has very simple characteristics and places one sheet above another. Applicable only for materials that do not require particular attention, although this is the simplest and most economical solution.

Recommended for ferritic and nonsensitive components, its expense is reasonable and also the stacking rates variety as much as 100 m/minutes.

Stacker with page assistance rollers (nomoving)

This is designed for accumulating one sheet at the same time and placing them a single over the other by decreasing them vertically, without damaging the surfaces. It is now also being used for sheets of carbon steel, though this type of stacking is indicated for delicate materials such as stainless steel and prepainted and aluminium ones. This system assists you to stop area scoring which is unaccepted through the high quality system of numerous organizations. In some instances it is additionally employed since it creates significantly less noises than other stacking techniques.

With a stacking speed up to 50-80 m/min, though a very versatile system, recommended for all materials.

Magnet stacker in coil packaging line

Stacking happens through a number of magnets coupled with a highpreciseness, substantialoverall performance system which, by positioning the sheets by decreasing them vertically, prevents area scoring.

Recommended for methods for top speed stacking as much as 100 m/minutes and ferritic components including carbon dioxide steel.

Vacuum stacker

This really is employed when substantial amounts are required and it is therefore especially suitable for support industries, centres and steelworks. It includes vacuum techniques about that your conveyor buckle rotates, collecting the metal linens and promoting them efficiently and quickly to the opposing area. The conveyance speed from the sheet is closely associated with the conveyor belt rotation speed.

Suitable for higherpace techniques and ideal for stacking fragile materials and sheets with specific shapes, including trapeziums and discs, at stacking accelerates to 100 m/min.

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