coil packaging machine is controlled by infrared photoelectric

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This coil packaging machine is a great devices which is ideal for tiny-level cutting these components,including reel papers, plastic material item, Al foil, Pvc material,plastic material film and heat retaining material materials, and so forth.The key machine characteristics with frequency velocity management, unwinding with continual tensionmagnetic natural powder control, photoelectricity automated deflection-rectifying, winding with bothcentral and surface area reeling which coordinated controlled (air flow strain) by two magnetic powder clutches and main machine, interleaving winding with increase shafts and not undercutting, presetting countertop and automated cease.

Primary Technological Variables:

Max.size of row materials: 600-1200mm

Optimum.size of row substance: |?1000mm

Inner size of moving paper core: |?25-|?76mm

Interior size: |?420mm

Minutes.thickness of divided minimize: (5mm) (6mm)

Electrical machinery strength: 5.5 – 7 .5kw

Excess weight: 3000kg

General measurement: 2500x2500x1100mm

Auto Folding Gluing coil packaging Machine could make different kinds of paper bins, i.e. medication,Pizza and food, Compact disk bins, so on.

· Automated Foldable Gluing Machine is used with increased single-area driving system, for steady operating as well as simple servicing.

·The motor is adopted with definitely varied velocity drive with energy preserving.

·Delivery is adopted with a number of heavy belts with cooperation of trembling electric motor to make certain paper providing in automatic, continuous and exact.

·It is has grinding machine in each side, making the stick a lot more secure, securely.

·The coil packaging machine is handled by infrared photoelectric. It provides automated counting function. Pace in pressing part and auto counting components corresponding speed in providing and molding component automatically. coil packaging Machine will quit immediately with out papers providing at a discount ineffective boxes and cost saving.