Coiling tie and packing machine for wire and cable automation.

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Wire and cable Auto. coiling tie, packing machine

Title: Cutting-Edge Wire and Cable Auto Coiling Tie Packing Machine by Jiangsu Handing



Experience the future of wire and cable packaging with the innovative Wire and Cable Auto Coiling Tie Packing Machine offered by Jiangsu Handing. This cutting-edge technology revolutionizes the packaging process, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and precision.

Video Content

In this captivating video, we explore the remarkable features and advantages of Jiangsu Handing’s Wire and Cable Auto Coiling Tie Packing Machine. Witness how this state-of-the-art equipment streamlines the packaging process, saving time and effort for businesses in the wire and cable industry.

Discover the seamless automation provided by this machine, which guarantees the precise coiling and tying of wires and cables. With its advanced technology, the machine ensures consistent tension control, preventing damage or tangling during the packaging process.

Experience the convenience of this fully automated system, as it effortlessly handles wires and cables of various sizes and lengths. The machine’s intelligent programming allows for customization and adaptability, catering to the unique packaging requirements of different products.

Key Features

– Efficient Coiling and Tying: The Wire and Cable Auto Coiling Tie Packing Machine delivers fast and accurate coiling and tying, significantly improving productivity and reducing labor costs.
– Advanced Tension Control: Avoid wire or cable damage with the machine’s precise tension control mechanism, ensuring optimal packaging results.
– Customizable and Adaptable: Tailor the machine’s settings to match specific packaging needs, accommodating various wire and cable sizes and lengths.
– User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive interface simplifies operation, minimizing the learning curve and enabling easy integration into existing production lines.


Experience a multitude of benefits by incorporating Jiangsu Handing’s Wire and Cable Auto Coiling Tie Packing Machine into your packaging process:
– Enhanced Efficiency: Streamline packaging operations, saving time and resources.
– Improved Productivity: Increase output and reduce labor costs with this automated solution.
– Consistent Quality: Ensure consistent packaging results, minimizing waste and rework.
– Versatility: Accommodate a wide range of wire and cable sizes and types, adapting to your specific requirements.


Jiangsu Handing’s Wire and Cable Auto Coiling Tie Packing Machine revolutionizes the wire and cable packaging industry, bringing automation, precision, and efficiency to your production line. Stay ahead of the competition by investing in this cutting-edge technology and experience the numerous benefits it offers.

For more information and to witness the future of wire and cable packaging, watch the full video now!

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Automatic machine for coiling, tying, and packing wires and cables.