Compact horizontal stretch wrapper for long board, box, and steel profiles.

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orbital wrapping machine horizontal stretch wrapper for long board &long box&steel profile pipe tube

Title: Cutting-Edge Orbital Wrapping Machine: The Ultimate Solution for Efficiently Packaging Long Boards, Boxes, and Steel Profile Pipes



Discover the revolutionary and highly efficient orbital wrapping machine, a horizontal stretch wrapper designed to meet the packaging needs of long boards, boxes, and steel profile pipes. This cutting-edge technology has taken the industry by storm, providing a seamless and reliable solution for securely wrapping these products.

Key Features

The orbital wrapping machine offers a multitude of features that set it apart from traditional packaging methods. With its advanced capabilities, it ensures optimal protection and stability during transportation and storage. Its key features include:

1. Precise Stretch Wrapping: This machine excels at applying a consistent and uniform stretch film around long boards, boxes, and steel profile pipes, ensuring secure packaging without compromising their integrity.

2. Customizable Wrapping Parameters: Tailor the wrapping process to your specific needs with adjustable parameters, such as wrapping tension, film overlap, and rotation speed. Achieve the perfect level of tightness for your products.

3. Versatile Application: The orbital wrapping machine accommodates a wide range of long products, including welded pipes, steel profile pipes, long boards, and long boxes. Its versatility makes it suitable for various industries, such as construction, manufacturing, and logistics.

4. Increased Efficiency: Experience significant time and labor savings with this high-speed packaging solution. It streamlines the wrapping process, allowing for faster throughput and increased productivity.


By incorporating the orbital wrapping machine into your packaging operations, you unlock numerous advantages:

1. Enhanced Product Protection: The secure wrapping provided by this machine shields your long boards, boxes, and steel profile pipes from external elements, preventing damage and ensuring their pristine condition upon arrival.

2. Improved Stability: Say goodbye to unstable loads and potential shifting during transit. The orbital wrapping machine tightly secures your products, minimizing the risk of any movement or displacement.

3. Cost Reduction: Eliminate the need for excessive packaging materials, such as strapping or banding, with the efficient stretch wrapping capabilities of this machine. It reduces material waste and optimizes your packaging process.

4. Professional Image: Impress your customers with neatly wrapped and professionally packaged products. The orbital wrapping machine enhances the overall aesthetics of your shipments, leaving a positive impression on recipients.


Embrace the game-changing technology of the orbital wrapping machine – a horizontal stretch wrapper specifically designed for long boards, boxes, and steel profile pipes. With its precise wrapping, customizable parameters, and versatile application, this cutting-edge solution ensures optimal protection, stability, and efficiency in your packaging operations. Upgrade your packaging process today and experience the transformative benefits for your business.

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orbital stretch wrapper
Stretch wrapping machine for long boards, boxes, and steel profiles – horizontal configuration.