Complete strength coil packaging machine

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Software: Machines in this collection are compatible with stripping of reel-form components including PET, BOPP, PVC and PE aluminum foil, and document

Functions :

1. These are vertical stripping coil packaging machine .

2. Impartial microcomputer control display screen, producing effortless operation.

3. Magnetic powder management for stress of reeling and unreeling.

4. Auto metering with material operating, automobile photoelectric mistake correction for unreeling.

5. Equipped with area squander scrap air-blowing giving or reeling devices.

6. Double-atmosphere swelling shaft level, smooth and reeling end face splitting.

7. Disc knife accessories should be picked for splitting light weight aluminum foil and paper.

Principal Specialized Parameters:

Diameter of width: 700mm

Unwinding size: φ600mm

rewinding diameter : 400mm

rewinding and Slitting velocity specification: 20-700mm

rewinding and Slitting speed: 10-160meter/min

Problem correction accuracy: -2mm

weight: 1900kg

All round dimensions(L×W×H): 1200x1900x1270mm


Family pet slitting machine is for slitting coil packaging machine is mainiy utilized for slitting rolied matenals like BOPP, CPE, CPP and PET and so on

Overall performance & Functions:

This machine is a perfect gear which can be suitable for cutting all sorts of reel materialsof printing laminating film, laminating Al film, like PET, BOPP and PVC, and so on.

This coil packaging machine functions with brought in Panasonic regularity converter, winding withmagnetic natural powder tension manage, photoelectricity LPC automated deflection-rectifying, presetting countertop and automatic cease.