digital wrapping machines

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The XLC L25 is really a cost-effective unit that employs the newest IEC 61131-C certified Rexroth IndraLogic 2G kernel and can support up to 16 real and/or online stretch wrapping machine axes. This permits it to control both Veronica and also the outside conveyor feeding the machine. The modular Rexroth IndraDrive Mi configuration also allows for a new axis of motion to be added to the machine with minimal effort, if Kangaroo needs to do so in the future.

“The IndraWorks software is created to tie up these numerous axes with each other, which leads to the stretch wrapping machine being very easy to modify, easy to keep an eye on, and easy to alter over to different carton measurements,” Super Packaging’s Stockus stated.

One more reason Kangaroo select the Veronica was its compact footprint-this is important, considering that the available room at the plant where machine was to be located was minimal. Initially, covered snacks had been presented to the outside wall structure from the area for cartoning on two semi-automatic methods. Now the major deals stream into one particular centrally located incline conveyor, which rss feeds the Veronica. Extremely Packaging was critical in assisting engineer this conveyor to raise the sandwiches up to the Veronica for cartoning and also aided integrate it to the Veronica’s controls system. In addition, the IndraDrive Mi technology helped keep the Veronica’s footprint compact because the drive components are integrated into the individual Rexroth servo motors. Thus, how big the control drawer is decreased when compared with comparable machines.

“It had been a smooth transition,” Rice states. “The structure from the machine match the production ground exactly as we necessary it to.”

Automated cartoning has permitted Kangaroo to greatly improve output. Throughput rates are sleek at about 240 sandwiches/min, enabling comfy creation of a variety of carton dimensions. “And if Kangaroo has to increase throughput in their cartoning processes, the Veronica has the capability,” Stockus claims. “It foliage a lot of room for future progress.”

Kangaroo is also delighted that the investment in automation has generated other financial savings. According to Rice, losses in cartoning material formerly caused by malfunctioning semiautomatic equipment have been greatly reduced. It has delivered a cost savings of around $20,000 yearly. Also gained, states Rice, is a labor cost savings of approximately $130,000 yearly given that operators usually are not involved in erecting cartons. These operators, says Rice, have finally been reassigned with other places inside the herb.

“This stretch wrapping machine automation remedy has become performing at or over our production and expectations focuses on are consistently satisfied,” says Rice. “It’s an effective strategy to meet the requirements in our rapidly transforming manufacturing atmosphere.”iven that} operators are certainly not involved with constructing cartons. These operators, claims Rice, have now been reassigned to many other locations in the grow.

“This stretch wrapping machine automation solution continues to be undertaking at or above our production and expectations targets are regularly fulfilled,” says Rice. “It’s an effective strategy to meet the requirements of our rapidly changing manufacturing surroundings.”