Fhopepack tunnels and wrapping machine

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This tunnel is installed on to a stainless framework with solid stainless-steel roof and sides. The interior surfaces have a polished complete to maximise heat/radiation reflections onto the item.

Heat is created by twelve window vibrant filaments six each side with every opposing match possessing their particular temperatures environment manage so different levels of warmth could be instructed at various areas of a compartment to have an improved shrink complete.

Overall interior Fhopepack stretch wrapping tunnel heat is held within near tolerances by an outside temperatures setting control connected to a warmth sensor in the tunnel.

With its modular design the vibrant tunnel can provided as being an person device or for more complicated styles or increased speeds numerous models may be positioned inline. The radiant Fhope packaging tunnel can be used at the in-supply for pre-heating system containers or after the material software to accomplish an adequate time/temperature gradient for that desired diminishing outcome.

Options available include a system to count products in and out if there is a possibility of them falling over and a motorised tunnel lift facility.