from the adaptable stretch wrapper packaging

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The celebration experienced 30 participants which represents a significant number of well known Businesses who happen to be productive inside the accommodating stretch wrapper packaging. It was actually a massive good results!

The visitors experienced the opportunity see more than 50 machines on the ground, a lot of them in operating situations and view huge assortment of new and conventional versions equally horizontal, adhere features and 4 aspect seal top to bottom machines.

In addition to touring the various production facilities which includes the newest 4000 sq meters plant, our visitors came to a demonstration about our program as well as the obstacles of stretch wrapper packaging in the coming years and the value of distance and fluent communication using our machine End users. It was actually quite interesting that every the seating had been stuffed and that we were actually delighted to see in addition to our Buyers new confronts of managers and executives who may become our partners anytime soon.