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Transformer corrugated container machine

1) Fin size: 300~1300mm

2) Fin size: 80~400mm

3) Fin pitch: 45~80mm

4) Speed: 3 fins/min

Transformer corrugated tank tilter machine is special for generating corrugated fin for transformer oils reservoir wall surfaces.

BWJ-1300 transformer corrugated reservoir machine is semi-auto. Fin pitch and fin height should be manually modified restriction changes. Fin amount can be preset within the PLC.

Supplying range of the BWJ-1300 transformer corrugated container machine:

1. Decoiler: mechanical development, passive, ability 5T.

2. Hydraulic station: optimum. pressure 21MPa, maximum. flux 40L/minutes, pump engine 15kW; main hydraulic elements come from Taiwan.

3. Primary creating unit: hydraulic driven, automated forming.

4. Shearing gadget: hydraulic tilter and upender driven to reduce created fins.

5. Operate-out kitchen table: manual, 1.5m long.

6. PLC manage program: PLC is SIEMENS from joints venture, touch screen, electrical elements are Schneider brand, from joint enterprise in Asia.

7. Electric motor is from Siemens brand from China.

Main technical data of the BWJ-1300 transformer corrugated tank machine:

1) Size of raw steel coil: 300~1300mm

2) Density of steel: 1~1.5mm

3) Height of fin: 80~400mm

4) Pitch between fin 45-80mm

5) Room inside fin: 5-8mm

6) Creating pace: 3 fins each minute

7) Dimension: 5500 by 1600 x 2200mm

Main settings from the BWJ-1300 transformer corrugated tank machine:

1) PLC & touch screen: Siemens or Mitsubishi

2) Electric elements (switches, restriction changes, relays): Schneider or ABB

3) Hydraulic tilter and upneder station pump motor engine: Siemens

Demo run from the BWJ-1300 transformer corrugated tank machine in our workshop: