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Title: Amazing Automatic Hose Winding Machine – Efficient Solutions for Hose OD: 40-75mm | Fhopepack



Welcome to Fhopepack’s amazing automatic hose winding machine, designed specifically to streamline your hose winding process. In this video, we will showcase the remarkable features and benefits of our cutting-edge coiler and strapping machine for hoses with outer diameters (OD) ranging from 40mm to 75mm.

Video Content:

Discover how our automatic hose winding machine revolutionizes your hose management, ensuring efficiency and precision. Our state-of-the-art technology guarantees seamless winding and strapping operations, saving you valuable time and resources.

With its advanced automation capabilities, this machine eliminates manual handling, reducing the risk of operator fatigue and improving overall productivity. The customizable settings allow you to optimize the winding process according to your specific requirements, ensuring perfect results every time.

Our automatic coiler and strapping machine is equipped with intelligent sensors that detect the OD of the hose, automatically adjusting the winding parameters accordingly. This ensures a tight and secure winding, preventing any potential damage or tangling during transportation or storage.

Key Features:

– High adaptability: Designed to accommodate hoses with ODs ranging from 40mm to 75mm, providing versatility for various applications.
– Precise winding: The machine’s advanced technology guarantees consistent and precise winding, ensuring a neat and organized hose bundle.
– Efficient strapping: Integrated strapping mechanism securely fastens the wound hose bundle, preventing any unwinding or shifting during handling.
– Customizable settings: Tailor the winding process to meet your specific needs, allowing for optimal performance and efficient operation.
– User-friendly interface: Intuitive controls and user-friendly interface make operation easy, even for inexperienced users.
– Enhanced safety: Automatic sensors and safety features ensure operator well-being throughout the winding process.


Fhopepack’s automatic hose winding machine is the ultimate solution for efficiently managing hoses with ODs ranging from 40mm to 75mm. Experience the convenience, precision, and reliability of our state-of-the-art coiler and strapping machine. Streamline your hose handling process and increase productivity with this cutting-edge technology.

For more information and to explore our complete range of innovative packaging and strapping solutions, please visit our website or contact our knowledgeable team at [Company Name]. Trust Fhopepack for all your hose winding needs.

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“Hose Winding Machine: Efficient and Automatic Solution for Easy Storage.”