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Guided by two precision sq . rail bearings, the HMR has huge time and payload ability packaged inside a lower profile, and smooth package. The alternatives of either a very high-performance the right time belt push or a preciseness golf ball screw with several direct options allow the consumer to increase efficiency within their system.

By integrating externally-accessible lubrication fittings into the carriage which evenly disperse lubricant across the bearing ball and trucks nut, machine maintenance is easier, and overall maintenance costs are lowered. Additionally, you will find choices for two various chassis profiles, allowing an individual to select between a very-low-profile and cost-effective ?°basic?± edition, or even a ?°reinforced stretch wrapper model, which supplies structural solidity for long unsupported spans.

Potential applications for the HMR range from packaging equipment, material handling, robot transfer, or other general automation applications, but with the adaptability of this actuator, it is also suitable for integration into any machine layout.

HMR High Time Rodless Linear Actuator Attributes of the HMR linear actuator for pckaging machine include: 5 user profile dimensions: 150, 085, 110, 240mm and 180; dual travel coach: precision tennis ball screw or high-performance timing buckle; fill capability approximately 26,600 N; optimum thrust to 5,560N (screw) and 4,000N (belt); standard strokes as much as 4000mm (attach) and 6000mm (buckle);optimum pace to 1.6 m/s (attach) and 5 m/s (screw); 2 account types: simple and bolstered; tandem and bi-parting carriage options; recommended sensing unit areas: inner (protected under the include) or external; belt version has several installing places at 90 levels around axis of movement; easy lube fixtures on carriage; pre-set up engine, gearhead, and control package alternatives; different variety of accessories and mountings; IP54-graded cover option; and ambient temperature array: -30C to 80C.