item coil packing machine

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1.number of handbag kind that you should select

2. coil packing machine velocity: 5-60 hand bags/minutes

3.very easy to operate

4.very hot machines for small package deal

Specialized characteristics:

1. Embrace info display simple, easy and screen operation.

1,Steady manage systerm, adjustment of any variables not need stop coil packaging machine

2, Embrace electrical packing film discharging systerm, correct film discharging and pace.

3, Impartial heat management systerm, sultable for various kinds of packing components.

arranging, 4 and Feeding case producing, slicing, coil packaging may be finished on a single procedure.

5,Soft supplies as matting, a lot more sultable for protecting fruit

Specialized characteristics:

1. Siemens touch screen exhibit, words could be custome as the condition

2.PLC computer system , functionality is a lot more stable , can modification any guidelines not want stop machine.

3.Case-producingsealing, packing and print time can be done using one machine

4.Double Sever motors , drawing film place correctly and high speed,

5.Temperature impartial management method ,accuracy get to±1°C.

6.Horizontal , straight temperature control ,ideal for different of blend film , PE film coil packing material.

7.lower noises,substantial efficiency

Specialized features:

1. Chinese(orEnglish) display screen exhibit, (the places words can in accordance with the requirements in the customers).

2. Simens PLC plainly display the operating state, deal with direction and so on, basic operation immediately.

3. Simens PLC system provide a secure job procedures.

4.It may supply ten dispose, match to the transform of the product packing fastly.

5.Using intellect thermostat, can control the temperatures within 2 .

6. Cooperate with horizontal grain teeth type closing, packing much more company, may also choose straight grain, twill. Cobwebbing, and so on.

7. Make use of the CE installment standard, the guard regular may be IP65.

8. The coil packing machine function of a number of case sort: including: level bags(pillow bag,3 sides close off, four edges seal),sound bag(jack stand-up pouches, triangle bags), bags, punching bags.

9. All types of punching form can be produced by our design for you personally.

10. If your packaging film is single-layer PE material, can also be matching special PE film special sealing device.