Lowered energy intake for conveyor

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Effective and expense Effective Conveyor Belt Drivers

Lowered energy intake

Compared to several corresponding engine and gearbox techniques widely used in market, Rulmeca drum engines can use much less vitality for the same overall performance, helping to reduce strength consumption, benefiting the environment and decreasing power charges.

Greater efficiency

Rulmeca drum motors have a greater performance in comparison to standard engine transmitting methods, which can be typically able to exchange roughly 75Percent of the energy used to the buckle. A Rulmeca drum motor has the capacity to transfer approximately 97Per cent.

Ease of set up

Rulmeca drum motors are much faster and easier to put in when compared to traditional several part motor transmitting techniques, generally demanding less than a quarter of times for installment. With fewer components to consider, conveyor style and assembly is quicker and easier, procurement is additionally simplified reducing all round expenses.

Roomsaving style

With gearbox, bearings and motor covered within the casing, drum motors are extremely small, requiring significantly less area, increasing the cosmetic and practical worth of the done conveyor.

Created for the most difficult circumstances

The Rulmeca drum engines is designed to run perfectly even just in the most intense environment conditions including, in the existence of water, dust, grease, oil, even, chemicals and grit during high-pressure cleanstraight down processes.

Guaranteed for meals

Thanks to its level smooth surfaces, stainless complete and completely enclosed, hermetically sealed design, Rulmeca drum motors are really easy to clean decreasing contaminants chance in food digesting conditions.

Security of stretch wrapepr

Part components are totally covered inside a Rulmeca drum engine. With all the outside shafts organised captive within a conveyor body, the only moving part will be the body in the pulley running underneath the conveyor buckle. Conveyors may be designed in a manner avoiding some of the travel pulley to be visible, leading to an exceptionally secure method to travel conveyor straps.

Servicingtotally free

The fully sealed design and style ensures that inner components usually are not exposed to exterior environmental problems or tampering. An entirely all-in-one device, demanding no servicing all through its services life-time.