Machine for inking leather belt strap edges.

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Leather belt strap edge inking machine

Check out our range of leather belt strap edge inking machines to achieve professional and flawless results in leather crafting. Our machines are designed to provide precise and uniform edge coloring, enhancing the overall appearance and durability of leather belts. With our cutting-edge technology and expertise in the field, we ensure that our machines deliver exceptional performance and meet the highest industry standards.


Leather crafting is an art that requires attention to detail and precision. One crucial aspect of leather belt production is edge inking, which involves applying color to the edges of the belt to give it a finished and polished look. Manual inking can be time-consuming and inconsistent, leading to uneven coloring and a less professional finish. This is where our leather belt strap edge inking machines come in.


Our leather belt strap edge inking machines are specifically designed to streamline the edge inking process and deliver consistent results. These machines feature advanced technology and innovative features that make them a valuable asset for leather craftsmen and manufacturers. With our machines, you can achieve precise and uniform coloring on the edges of leather belts, ensuring a professional and high-quality end product.

Key Features

– Precise and uniform edge coloring: Our machines use advanced mechanisms to apply color evenly along the edges of leather belts, resulting in a flawless and consistent finish.
– Adjustable settings: With adjustable settings, you have full control over the intensity and depth of color, allowing you to achieve the desired effect for different leather types and styles.
– Time-saving: Our machines automate the edge inking process, significantly reducing the time and effort required compared to manual inking methods.
– Enhanced productivity: By eliminating the need for manual inking, our machines enable you to increase your production capacity and meet customer demands more efficiently.
– Durable and reliable: Built with high-quality materials and components, our machines are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use and deliver long-lasting performance.

How to Use

Using our leather belt strap edge inking machine is straightforward. Simply position the leather belt against the machine’s edge inking roller, adjust the settings according to your preferences, and start the machine. The roller will apply color evenly along the edges of the belt, ensuring a professional and uniform finish. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, our machines are suitable for both experienced craftsmen and beginners.


To ensure optimal performance and longevity of your leather belt strap edge inking machine, regular maintenance is essential. Here are some maintenance tips:
– Clean the machine after each use to remove any color residue or debris.
– Lubricate the moving parts to prevent friction and ensure smooth operation.
– Check and tighten any loose screws or bolts to maintain stability and prevent accidents.
– Keep the machine in a clean and dry environment to prevent damage from dust or moisture.

Choosing the Right Supplier

When investing in a leather belt strap edge inking machine, it is crucial to choose a reliable and reputable supplier. Look for a supplier who offers high-quality machines, excellent customer support, and a warranty for added peace of mind. Do thorough research, read customer reviews, and compare different options before making a decision. Remember, a reliable supplier will not only provide you with a top-notch machine but also offer after-sales support and assistance when needed.


Q: Can I use the leather belt strap edge inking machine for other leather products?
A: While our machines are designed specifically for leather belt edge inking, they can also be used for other similar leather products such as straps, wallets, and bracelets.

Q: Can I adjust the color intensity with the machine?
A: Yes, our machines have adjustable settings that allow you to control the color intensity and achieve the desired effect.

Q: How long does it take to ink the edges of a leather belt with the machine?
A: The time required depends on various factors such as the length of the belt, the desired color intensity, and the machine settings. However, our machines are designed to significantly reduce inking time compared to manual methods.


Our leather belt strap edge inking machines are the perfect solution for achieving professional and uniform edge coloring in leather belt production. With advanced technology, adjustable settings, and time-saving features, our machines streamline the inking process and deliver exceptional results. Invest in our machines and take your leather crafting to the next level.

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