Metallic circular coil packaging machine

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Metal round coil packaging machine ,simple operations and routine maintenance to reduce all aluminum pipes with smooth surface

1) Effortless Maintenance and Operation

2) Approach techniques proved in Oriental and The english language on screen

3) Easy Owner Interface and Easy Info Insight

4) Intelligent providing, length-repairing, automated clamping and automatic slicing

5) Top to bottom cut and chamfer minimize modify freely

6) Intelligent feet sawing, pressing and switch

7) Automated halting without the need of feeding

8) Automated lubricating and air conditioning


1. Function by NC manage system, imported electric powered and hydraulic aspects.

2. English language showing and conversational operations.

3. It can adapt speed in each bend as well as the twisting accuracy and precision is high

4.16 groups of bending information and facts may be stored. Multiple angles can be finished once.

5. The ft . switches with features of auto begin, crisis end and resuming.

The protection is great.

6. Fine form of the twisting go makes the twisting area large.

7. Perfect Resources: Stainlesss steel pipe, steel water pipe, copper water pipe, lightweight aluminum tubing and others.