Pallet packing machine for fruit and vegetable

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pallet packing machine

For some, they need to engage in agricultural production, for their part, transport of fruits and vegetables can be said to be a difficult task, because of the high and the influence of stress sensitivity where they have. Some products need to be properly handled, which are the products that are transported and transported in crates and cartons. If proper ventilation and moisture-proof are not available, the load will be at risk of premature deterioration and damage. However, when the correct stretch packaging solution is available, your target recipient will be well placed to accept production under good conditions.

Providing the freshest fruits and vegetables is the goal of agricultural professionals, as well as to protect their products from any damaging effects. In order for the purpose of the product to be breathing, they are kept fresh, their packaging requirements cannot be fully packaged. For example, it’s the equivalent of picking fresh strawberries, and then they’re sealed in a plastic bag. In a very short time, the strawberries will go bad.

The same challenges are faced when farmers take their products out of the fields and then need to package their produce. The time to pack the produce must be completed within hours of being picked, and then the product is shipped to the grocery store. However, these conventional stretching packaging systems can’t be used by farmers, and all of their boxes can be suffocated, and their products can be quickly spoiled. But they still need a good way to combine all the products together.

So what is the solution? In order to meet the needs of the agricultural industry, efficient and efficient pallet stretching packaging solutions can be provided by customers. Any special ventilation or online movie is eliminated from your application, and thousands of dollars per year can be saved! We can look at the solution to the stretch packing. The strip’s stretched thin film is also well integrated, and the injunctions around the production and uniform boxes are made, while also allowing air pockets to make the product breathe.


Besides: we provide pallet inverter and pallet tilter for handling the pallet loads.


The pallet loading can be turning the 180 degree or 90 degree for handling the package for next process, such as stacking and transportation.