PVC pipe bundle packing machine Máquina de embalagem de tubo de tubo de PVC

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Máquina de embalagem de tubo de tubo de PVC

Automatic pvc pipe bundling machine and bagging machine–www.shjlpack.com

At the begining, the packing solution offered is without including the “og socketed pipes” bundle and without including black pipes.

pipe bundle making machine and bag packing machine

only normal pipe bundling and bagging.


In installation, for meeting their goal, our engineer making adjustment for Socketed pipes at India. Since above problem need to change the machine strecture, the machine not working very good by limited adjustment.


It is easy to provide the machine for socketed pipe as long as doing design at the beginning.


  1. Changing the roller converor into PVC belt converor.
  2. Make converor adjustment in height level.


For bagging, making different forming device per socketed pipes and normal pipe.