Sam Divine hosts Defected Radio on 04.08.23

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Defected Radio Hosted by Sam Divine 04.08.23

Defected Radio Hosted by Sam Divine 04.08.23: Experience the Best in House Music

Are you a fan of house music? Look no further! Get ready to groove to the beats of the latest episode of Defected Radio, hosted by the talented Sam Divine. In this episode, Sam Divine brings you an electrifying mix of the hottest tracks in the house music scene. The energy is high, the vibes are contagious, and the music will keep you dancing all night long.

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If you’re looking for the ultimate house music experience, look no further than Defected Broadcasting House. Tune in to our live stream and immerse yourself in the world of pulsating beats and infectious melodies. Let the music take you on a journey and transport you to the heart of the dancefloor.

What to Expect in this Episode:

In this episode of Defected Radio, Sam Divine curates a selection of the finest house tracks from around the globe. From soulful vocals to deep basslines, this mix has it all. Each track is carefully chosen to keep you engaged and captivated throughout the entire set. Whether you’re a seasoned house music enthusiast or a newcomer to the genre, this episode has something for everyone.


  1. Artist 1 – Track 1
  2. Artist 2 – Track 2
  3. Artist 3 – Track 3
  4. Artist 4 – Track 4
  5. Artist 5 – Track 5

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Experience the best in house music with Defected Radio hosted by Sam Divine. Join the Defected community and stay connected with the latest releases, exclusive mixes, and news from your favorite artists. Don’t miss out on the electrifying beats and infectious melodies – tune in now!

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