Semiauto Pallet wrapping machine

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stretch wrapping machine
semiauto stretch wrapping machine
The brand new PROSERIES stretch wrapping machine enjoys the reputation of being one of the most inexpensive semi-automatic machines on the market today. A brand new ergonomic sturdy design, with stores enclosed within the tower frame, guarantees safer operation.
Regular functions include: illuminated adjustable 
 Directed best & base wrap counters, best overwrapping control,
anti-static film rollers, period pause,
adjustable speed controls for both carriage and turntable,
upgraded picture eyes to see most darker loads,
plus EZ-LOAD Powered Pre-Stretch,
maximizing stretch film usage.
Technical information for pallet semi auto stretch wrapping machine
Welded heavyduty strengthened architectural steel construction for approximately-the-clock operation

Steel-It color provides a long lasting scuff resilient area and prevents rust

Forklift portable

4 stage caster support for Hewlett packard turntable

6 couples – Delrin caster help for LP turntable

Turntable primary travel: 1/2 Hewlett packard, 90 VDC engine with ANSI 50 sequence

Micro control reason

Leading aboveplace management attribute (TOC)

Routine pause manage

Turntable jog management

Carriage pause management (banding)

Changeable dual LED place surfaces (-7)

Corner settlement

Antifixed rollers

UL accepted components

Exterior fuses

Positive home position positioning

Photo electric weight size indicator that detects most darker coloured lots

EZ-Fill Driven Pre-Stretch 150-300%, 200Per cent Regular

Variable carriage pace (-21 FPM)

Turntable velocity of -12 RPM changeable

Carriage push: 1/3 Hewlett packard, 90 VDC engine with ANSI chain lift drive