steel wire coil packing line

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Pre stressed concrete strands and wires packing machine line

Automatic wire coil packing line solution manufacturer
Yoki, can’t understand your speak well by phone. She is limited in English.
And even after call, you are also ask for email also, so let us directly by email for discussing the wire coil packing line.
Now thing is very easy.
1. The control panel and botton: The new one will be provided later per your requirement.
2. Automation. What we provided is the basic equipment with control by botton such as supportive rolls adjustment, height adjustment.
 The wrapping process condition is: coil loading and trolley move to the wrapping station. And than machine will wrapping and stop.
So if you want automation the whole line: You will do the automation in supportive roller in contract. And you will do the automation for trolley in contract also.
The automation of the wire coil packing line of the supportive rolls and wire loading:  Hanging the wire above the drive rolls, Adjusting the suppotive roller(do not touch the wire coil side surface), Down the wire coil.
We did the some packing line solution before, follow our designing, that’s all.