Strapping Creation and coil packaging Line

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Automated PackageUnpacking and Sealing, Strapping Generation and coil packaging Line

Equipment information

The packaging creation line primary working functions: automated package opening–Personally encasement–Automobile “–”type container closing–automatic strapping –Packaging finished

The automatic packaging lines set automated pack launching, automatic closing, intelligent packaging characteristics as an integrative natural entire . Application of a variety of modest footprint, straightforward procedure and stable performance. Can help reduce labor, increase efficiency, decrease production expenses. Many sizeable popular residential businesses to select. As well as according to diverse customer personalized and needs packaging design and manufacturing.

Item dexcription:

The production line posseses an automatic washing machine, stress filling up coil wrapping machine, auto capping machine light-weight evaluation machine, shrink wrapping machine ,labeling machine, shrink film baler and conveyor elements along with other goods to consist. This coil wrapping machine filling, sealing and washing sleeve labeling, shrink wrapping and other main crucial components are made from premium quality stainless steel, with superior technologies, techniques ideal, dependable overall performance, easy to use features.

Whole manufacturing line Description: Filling delicious essential oil 1.5-5L, creation capacity of 1,200 barrels / H (general 5L)

Process: unnatural package placing – flow gauge satisfying – lighting examination – man-made cover placing – Crawler gland – laser code – auto marking – artificial coil packing – carton

Complete coil packaging line potential is approximately: 5KW 380V/50HZ

Filling precision: ± .3Percent

Creation successfully pass rate: 99Percent