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High-speed CNC Paper tube Cutting Machine

1,Motor:2.2KW n=1400rpm,High-speed motor,Shanghai famous brand DASU,
2, WEIKONG LX-1S-14MR-A PLC control system,WE320-A HMI control, put in data from needs and auto keep in data.
The details are in HMI are following:Power on,there will show Company name and Tel N.O. Pressing “▼” to change pictures.Pressing it again,we will see:
(1)cut length: the length that we need
(2)cut time: the cutter or saw working time,different sizes or needs mean different time
(3)cutter speed: the time of cutter or saw running
Pressing “▼” twice,we will be in operating pictures:
(2)Back .
Pressing “▼” and we will be in adjusting pictures,Pressing “SET”,it will be dark,put in the data that we need,and the press “SET”to make sure.
“▲” “▼”means the numeric changing.Pressing red to adjust unit.After all,pressing “ENTER” to save.Now no need to be back first picture,just pressing “RUN” to work.
If meet some problems,just press the Emergency to stop machine.After finishing all data,turn over Emergency to work again.
Others are for control dust work or no,manual work or automatic work.Just do following the words in HMI.
3,ABB linear guideway
4,Servo control system from Hangzhou Mige , size of control box is 600X600X600mm
5,SAZN pneumatic elements
6,Max cutter wall thickness :30mm,Italy brand TK,with protect parts
8,Max diameter:Φ610mm,
9,Min diameter:Φ300mm
There have several alu rollers between two lands for model, High precision,Low weight,easy to change models(1set standard)
10,With cover and two sets auto dust extraction while working.One set device for duct with cutting part:motor,pipe,dust bag .Before saw cuts paper core,the duct-clean device will work.It will clean the dust when the saw is cutting paper core. It can clear 90% dust.
Another set is on side of machine with cover,to keep 100% no dust.
11,The cutting way is choosing paper core move,but model doesn’t.This can keep model safe and good cutting sides.
14, Weight:1T
15, Power supply:380±10%V AC 3PH,50±2% HZ
Air supply:6–8kgf/cm²