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show at Pack Expo International 2014, capabilities an ergonomic composition, simple machine state and management of your artwork coil wrapping machine robotics

The Marchesini Class appears to welcoming all its customers to Pack Expo International 2014 in Chicago.

In the 250 sq . gauge presentation area, No. W 743 of 250 sq yards based in the McCormick Position¡¯s Western side Creating, we shall be demonstrating our coil wrapping machine automatic Monoblock, the Unica, which combines deeply pull thermoforming, coil wrapping machine automatic decide on and place shift, and carton packaging functions right into a little footprint ideal for most packaging places. The Unica features an ergonomic structure, simplified machine managing and cutting edge coil wrapping machine robotics. The Unica is also an ideal option for sterile and clean packaging of vials, syringes and carpules. The Unica runs at rates of speed up to 120 cartons/second and is particularly preferably best for tiny containers, dispensers and tubes.

The Unica has become built and designed using a deck framework, which distinguishes the technical segment from the function section, therefore guaranteeing complete defense in the items refined completely concurrence with GMP standards. Each of the units and stations are visible and easily accessible, as well as the complete line can be change over and washed very easily.

The lineAndiexcl;¯s footprint actions just 8 meters/26.5 ft ., and contains been made so as to fill the leaflets and cartons from just one single accessibility level. Size alter-more than functions are Personal computer-helped while not having to use tools because of fast-relieve couplings and securing deals with.

Each functioning, from reloading this product to transferring it through the pail for the cartoner, is performed by decreasing-advantage coil wrapping machine robotics. In the most fine area of the packaging approach, the packing machine upstream which downstream are related by two Robovision robots with four-axes, branded with the Marchesini Group of people. Marchesinis coil wrapping machine robotics have revolutionized product or service dealing with having its little footprint and unlimited flexibility. The robots choose-the syringes, vials, carpules in the conveyor belt/table or holder and exchange them right to the thermoformer. The second Robovision transfers the enclosed blisters/trays straight to the cartoner. These units make Unica a versatile and compact line capable of processing vials, cartridges, small storage units and syringes, if they are one, several or combination, due to the mobility of the Robovision Robots, and our patented Vibrating Give Desk for carpules and vials.

The Marchesini Group of people will get to the American citizen area after a quite eventful year, which started in May together with the celebration in the group of people¡¯s 40th wedding anniversary of its founding. In Sept, there was the Reside Aseptic Demonstrate at our Corima center in Siena working on the groupAndiexcl;¯s brand working in sterile pharmaceutic satisfying and hose coil packaging. In October, there was clearly the Keep track of And Trace seminar at the world Brain Quarters in Pianoro, exactly where major overseas specialists mentioned topics of pharmaceutic serialization and traceability.