Tube, door, horizontal Stretch Wrapping Machine

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Tube Stretch Wrapping MachineGG

collection automated pipe stretch wrapper are mainly designed for metallurgical industries. The machine may be widely used for wrapping heavy bundles, like steel pipe, petro tube, stainless steel pipe and wire rod. The covered package is properly protected and sealed, it also looks tidy.PLC and HMI

systems are implemented for clever procedure. …Orbital Wrapper

Orbital wrapper

is an stretch wrapping machine with orbital ring for packaging. 20 years producing experience. Orbital stretch wrapper designed to place weighty items with film size 300-500mm.Stretch Wrapper

is perfect for substantial productions ofdoors and furniture, timber panels, and so on. Custom create can be obtained 

Doorway Stretch Wrapper 

Front door Stretch Wrapper is machine for door wrapping by stretch film. 200% pre-stretch is perfect for save packing substance. The Stretch Wrapper is with unique designed encouraging roll and auto placement gadget.Stretch Wrapper

is for substantial productions ofwindow and doors, timber boards, and so on. Custom create is accessible.Horizontal Wrapping Machine

Our rod horizontal Stretch Wrapper

is provided with great design and technique. It comes with increaseengagement ring and dualrub wheel devices, it makes the job more secure and efficient. 

Unique conveying device is easier for reloading and conveying the package deal, it fortifies the transfer capability. 

The packing cost can be cut by using wide packing belt. 

Account Stretch Wrapping MachineGZ

range profile horizontal Stretch Wrapper are major designed for lighting straight objects, such as PVC pipe, plastic-type water pipe, aluminium section and aluminum user profile. 

Diverse packing masteries can be purchased as the needs.The

mechanised hands product can be selected for auto material feeding and cutting operation. 

Aluminum Wrapping Machine 

Light weight aluminum horizontal stretch wrapping machine is for light weight aluminum account or portion packaging. There is certainly auto packing line for aluminium user profile bundling strapping, wrapping.Stretch Wrapper

is a machine capable of on the internet packing 

The can be designed according to your factory space and layout. 

Board Stretch Wrapper 

Board horizontal wrapper is equipped with dualengagement ring and increaserub wheel gadgets, which may mostly increase the function effectiveness. 

Special conveying device is adopted in order to loading and conveying the package easily.When

trouble takes place, sign security alarms display automatically.