With iCon, the options for product

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With symbol, the options for product placement are limitless, they include lateral movement over the merging, rotation, diverting, gapping and conveyor without the need for traditional diverters or instructions.

iCon utilizes a multi-directional curler top conveyor buckle from System Plast, which is made up of multiple cellular material, each that contains a freely revolving golf ball.

These easily spinning balls are driven by wisely managed bottom straps that provide precise charge of speed and direction.

iCon has no easily reachable relocating elements, which makes it safer and more cost effective. iCon has less guarding or rails than standard conveyors, which improves access and decreases related expenses still more.

iCon’s modular design and easy operating parameter reprogramming can make installation and maintenance extremely quick and reduces any down time.

Using a smaller sized footprint than conventional conveyors and considerably smaller move places, iCon may be used in places formerly considered impractical.

ICon allows almost any form of product motion to be achieved to meet needs of the end user, even though primarily designed for use with flat-bottomed products, iCon is ideally suited to end-of-line applications in the food and beverage sector and warehousing applications.

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Lateral Motion

In order to achieve lanedividing and merging, switching or rejection, using one or more driven belts positioned beneath and perpendicular to the main belt, product can be accurately and effortlessly moved laterally. When in conjunction with examination products, product could be routed or turned down as necessary.

Vary Item Pitching

By utilisation of driven belts positioned beneath and inline to the main belt, product can be separated or closed. This can be particularly helpful for implementation of self-adhesive labels or supplying an build up barrier.

Rotation of Shifting Merchandise

By utilisation of driven belts positioned beneath and inline to the main belt, product rotation can be achieved, particularly useful for infeed/discharge to packaging equipment or palletisation systems.

Rotation of Stationary Item

Employing a revolving disc beneath the primary buckle, item rotation may be accomplished, specifically helpful for inspection methods.