Coil wrapping machine for coil packaging line

coil packaging line
coil packaging line
Coil packaging line
Coil packaging line,coil wrapping machine

Automatic coil packaging machine and wrapping machine for steel coil with horizontal type packaging.

There  is able to providing packaging line for coil tilter, wrapper, strapping and stacking.

Whole packaging line solution vary from requirement is available in CHINESE MANUFACTURER.


Coil width: 200-300mm

Coil OD: 450-800mm

Coil ID: 200-400mm

Roller speed:App.2.5/min

Rotating speed: App. 20-100r/min

Roller loading: max 100kg

Conveyor speed: 1-9m/min

Wrapping speed: 18-30sec/pcs

Power output: App. 2.3kw

Power voltage: 440V/60Hz 3phase

Air supply: 4-6kgf/m2

Conveyor: L1000mmxW1000mm (Height can be made per your conveyor)

Wrapping station dimension: App. L1400mmxW1600xH1400mm

Packing Material: PVC/LLDPE film

ID: 50mm   OD: 100-200mm    Width:70mm


  1. Guarantee value
    1. Ring speed: max100r/min
    2. Wrapping effect: Product surface is tight and strong.
    3. Irregular hose coil can be packed by special designed machine.
    4. For altitude below 3000m


  1. Main Components
Coil packing machine Brand Type
PLC Siemens S7200 / CPU226
Touch Scream Siemens 6AV6648-0BC11-3AX0
Inverter Siemens 6SE6420-ZUD21-1AD1
Transducer Autonics PRL18-8DA/PR18-8DA
Switch brand Schneider
Encoder Omron E6B2-CW264 10PR
Motor DONGLI PL32-1500-3s3b
Bearing HRB 61804-2Z
Cylinder AIRTEC SC40X50-S
Valve AIRTEC 4V210
LM guide HIWIN SBR30