orbital stretch wrapper manufacturer

The orbital stretch wrapper manufacturer provides the different orbital ring type packing machine for different load.



If you can not find the proper packing machine per your packaging goal from market,  you can try to contact with this comapny FHOPE. They can help to find out the solution. They have own team for customization and production.  The from small size to big size, from light object to heavy load, their have had the solution.  Following are some orbital stretch wrappers designed for wrap load Package OD.

orbital stretch wrapepr& spiral wrapping machinestretch film for orbital wrapper  conveyor of orbital wrap machine

      Different size machine                             Different packing material                              Different conveyor

film carriage of orbital stretch wrap machine

       Film Carriage

Videos for reference:

 orbital stretch wrapper  

In the vidoe, this is small machine for pipe bundle  wrapping. Manually adjusting the supportive rollers

There are cheap machine with wrapping station only that is able add the conveyor in your factory by your self.

 door orbital wrapping machine

Automatic stretch wrapper with special tension controller that is able keep the strong stretched tension for panel&door package…

For didfferent package, it may needs unique device to do a good wrapping. such as prees down device required for light products, transfer conveyor required for short length..

For heavy objects packaging: Such as steel tube, steel rod, aluminum profile, motor, reel…

There are PU conveyor, pvc BELT conveyor for package surface protection.

The loading point need to be designed per diffeent loading way, the crane, forkman, lifter asking for different conveyor device..

 orbital stretch wrapper for panel

Learing from your requirment,the solution is as attachment–automatic pipe bundle making line+horizontal stretch wrapper.
There are following point need special designing:
1. For Min.Length 30ft, there may be a problem between in conveying from feeding conveyor to outlet conveyor.
2. For brick feeding–please check the video”feet 1″ and it will be changing into up side feeding.
Customer’s inquiry:
I will check with our technical team for above solution and let you know soon.
Besides, there were machines supplied to CANADA. And there is a horizontal stretch wrapper for CANADIAN client in workshop almost finished Welcome to contact with me for
further information.

what I want:


1-      Quote for horizontal orbital wrapping (as per our bundle dimensions specs), include models, photos, dimensions, electrical requirements, etc.

2-      Layout of this horizontal orbital wrapping.

3-      Do you have orbital wrapping in the Montreal area (or anywhere else in Canada)?


The automatic pipe bundle is an interesting option, but I need the quote and some information on your horizontal orbital wrapping.


Welcome to contact with me for further information and visiting our company

For wide&height objects packaging, such as, pallet, panels, doors… There are bubble film covering device (option) for full size packaging requirement. Au

automatic sealer for cutting the film, even paper…

The article copy from :

Pallet wrapping machine


Chinese automatic-rotary-ring-pallet-stretch-wrapper
Rotary  ring Pallet stretch Wrapper offers revolutionary film conserving compared to rotary desk or left arm styles.

Conceptually just like the aged palelt wrapping machine combination of engagement ring wrapper but 30% cheaper. The film carriage is rotated and supported utilizing a 96″ diameter engagement ring. As opposed to a traditional turntable or rotary left arm machine that must support and turn a large number of lbs of size in order to apply the stretch film, the ring rotates just the carriage alone. The result is actually a considerably fasterreduced size rotation system” that due to the limited strain and stress around the working component is way better designed for 24hr/1 week a week programs. The stretch wrapper rotary ring pallet wrapper reduces stretch film cost drastically when compared to conventional rotary arm and turntable style wrappers, because of its ability to stop and start the cycle anywhere on the load.

The film clamp ins ring stretch wrapper and film tail treatment travels vertically with the film carriage. That is key feature. This design function enables the machine to practically finish and start a cover routine anyplace in the pallet.


Pallet wrapping machine

automatic robot stretch wrapper

stretch wrapping machine
automatic pallet wrapping machine


Robot pallet Stretch wrapper machines are used to wrap stretch film around a loaded pallet. Film provides extra support while the products are being transported & storage to protect them from tip, spill or from being damaged. The Robot pallet wrapper with stretch film packaging are good quality and reliable.
The advantage with our wrapping Robots are following:
1) No need installation and commissioning.
2) No limit for pallet size in any dimension.
3) No limit for pallet load and product in any form and shape
4) No limit for wrap pallet and products in any weight
5) No limit for packaging film
6) No limit for moving inside your warehouse
8) Quick packing withunmanned operation
9) The Wrapping is good stability


Technical Features:


The automatic robotic wrapper is doing wrapping packaging without limiting in size, height,and weight of product. Wrapping speed is fast that wrapper.

The designing is special for transportation package with easy maintain and opertion.


Weight 325 Kg Bottary 230 V – 50/60 Hz – 1 PH Min.

pallet size 600 x 600 mm

Max.Height of package 2100 mm

Turning speed 1-16R/min

Pre-stretch 350%

Up Wrapping setting 1-10r

Down wrapping seting 1-10r

Sensor control: adjustable


Film carriage

l         Powered pre-stretch system up to 200% to min film consumption(Prestretch ratio can be specially made according your requirements.)

l         Carriage door opens for effortless roll change and thread film

l         Film delivery variable speed by separate DC Drive Motor

l         Film dancer-bar with variable speed output

l         Heavy duty double-chain carriage lift, calm and safety

Coil packaging line

coil master wrapper

Coil master
Coil master
Coil master
Coil master


III. Important Alert for coil master

  1. Abuse will lead to serious result.<0}
  2. Do have the machine grounded.<0}

III. In the event of urgent failure occurrence, do shut off or cut off power supply, and then carry out relevant troubleshooting operations after safety confirmation. <0}

  1. Never modify the control program and relevant parameter settings of this machine without authorization.


  1. Never tear off various signs marked on the machine.<0}
  2. Never open the electrical box when the machine is working.

VII. In the case of the lifting and lowering of unpackaged object, do ensure safe, steady and orderly operation, and unpackaged object’s collision with the machine shall be strictly forbidden. <0}

VIII. Standing under the running path of the objects is forbidden.

Ⅸ. Do not wear long hair, long gown or other long garments to avoid being involved into the machine.

  1. Examination and maintenance the machine regularly, to make sure the machine is in normal, safe and stable.
  2. Adding other equipments on the machine unauthorized is not allowed. Otherwise it will lead to abnormal working of the machine, even more serious consequences.

XII. Make sure to connect the earth wire correctly during welding work in the machine, otherwise the other electrical components will be damaged.

XIII. Never remove or broken the signal device after installation.

XIV. The unpackaged object and packing material must be placed in a right way.

  1. Cutting off the general power supply arbitrarily is forbidden.

XVI. Trigger the signal device during machine working for any reason is forbidden in coil master wrapping.

XVII. Never put tools or other object on the coil master wrapper machine.

XVIII. Some inappropriate operation also will lead to bad consequence.

Coil packaging line

Coil master packaging machine

Coil master wrapper
Coil master wrapper





This machine can be used to conduct relatively closed packaging for different dimensions of metal coils or coiled unpackaged objects, such as aluminum coil steel coil, steel belt so as to play a role of anti-rust, waterproof, dustproof, anti-damage and anti-aging etc.


The packing material mating with this machine can be use stretch film, high-quality compound knit packing tape.


  2. This automatic packing system is composed of blocker roller stations,

guide rail, main engine/machine, trolley, hydraulic system, shuttle, U-type orbital, packing material release & storage station, automatic mechanical hand, signal detection system, electric circuit system, electric cabinet and etc.

  1. Automatic precise orientation system, shift the blocker roller station

automatically and orientate the coils’ center automatically. Avoiding tedious operations and bad results caused by inaccurate orientation manually.

  1. Adopt three axes association structure, which is suitable for different size

of coils’ package.

  1. Special packing material release & storage device, easy & convenient

& fast to exchange the packing material as needed.

  1. Mechanical hand cutting packing material automatically, to reduce

the packing material cutting time and enhance the packing efficiency greatly.

  1. Multiple safe signal detection device, make sure the machine is safe and

induction precise during working.

  1. The trolley is controlled by hydraulic system, stable, safe and reliable.

8. PLC & HMI program control system combines with buttons operation. Up to 30 groups of parameter setting can be input & preserved & auto-exchanged.





arm rotary stretch wrapping machine

HeavyResponsibility Automated Turntable Stretch Wrapping machine Method 

Object #: pallet wrapper-4R2The pallet wrapper-

Collection is an element of a robust collection of stretch wrapping devices made to take full advantage of stretch film usage while guaranteeing the very best weight unitization. All pallet packaging lineequipment is made with weightyduty bolstered architectural steel with no-corrosive baked on natural powder jacket finish, to ensure numerous years of dependable wrapping. The pallet wrapper-Range is manufactured in the united states and marketed through our nationwide supplier community.The pallet wrapper-

Collection heavyduty conveyorized auto turntable stretch wrapping method gives superior performance about-the-clock. Perfect for high-speed conveyorized manufacturing lines, this inline program indexes pallet lots instantly into and out from the wrap discharges and zone lots with out user help. 

At the conclusion of the wrap cycle, the clean arm aligns the film using the clamp left arm. When the clamp left arm captures the film, the hot wire cuts the film and the remove arm makes a secondary motion, cleaning the film onto the load to stop film tails from unraveling. 

Rugged strength roller conveyors can be used for passing plenty from the pallet wrapper-Collection place sector. These conveyors are powered by ANSI chains with sprocket guarding, and therefore are guarded with hefty gauge established page metallic.The pallet wrapper-

Collection may be produced with many performance improvements. By securing the tail to the pallet, the optional TIE-G Film Tail Handling System eliminates film tails. The Very Best PLATEN system is utilized to hold down unpredictable pallet plenty throughout the wrapping sequence, along with a Top Page Dispenser addresses the top of the pallet with film, for further item protection from dampness.


palletizer and pallet packing line

palletizer, stretch wrapping machine
We has unveiled a palletizer withstainless building and strapping machine for vegetation working caustic foods fertilizers, products and chemicals or feeds which can create a unpleasant herb atmosphere.

Designed with good quality elements and high development for very long machine lifestyle, the Design packaging line palletizes instances, bags, trays and totes or multipacks with styles pre-programmed for fast changeover.

Even though this palletizer functions at flooring degree, it allows situations from the degree. So you can enjoy the benefits of low level operation with low, medium or high level case feed.

The clear, wide open design and surface degree entry details on this palletizer simplify routine maintenance.

This pallet packing line  high speed palletizer for circumstances, trays or totes has characteristics for extraeasy item transportation, best fill placing, and quick product or service changeover. Its low degree construction supplies the liberty of floor level operations, along with a thoroughly clean, available account that assures comfortable access. Modular models give overall mobility for palletizing generation needs nowadays and down the road.


stretch wrapper

Side strapping machine, pallet stretch packing
strapping machine, pallet stretch packing
Stretch wrapping machine:Instruction is included in your machine buy: our PMMI-accredited professionals give personalized instruction on machine establishedoperation, up and changeovers maintenance processes, identifying frequent troubles, restoration methods, and overview machine guides. Exercise sessions are timetabled anytime you like at the herb or our Tarpon Springs center.Records:

Complete machine paperwork/manual presented both in published, surereserve and Compact disk, available too by way of HMI; procedure, electrical diagrams, machine configurations, PLC plan info, changeover treatments, upkeep spare, purchase and schedule elements details.Other

professional services for stretch wrapping machine:

We are committed to full assist: Full collection design, Remote technical support/changeover programming by way of modem website link, Machine updates, Refurbish of old types to new requirements.


Pallet strapping machines ensure consistent strap load

Strapping machine, pallet packing machine
Strapping machine, pallet packing machine
Pallet strapping machines ensure consistent strap load and placement integrity for top manufacturing programs. Obtainable in semi- and fullyautomatic versions, Chinese power strapping machines can be incorporated into new or current creation lines to maximize productiveness for many different applications, including baling, bundling, carton closing and unitizing.
Patented, jam-resistant modern technologyThe Strapping machineis designed to provide you with the most jam-resistant technologies available. Its distinctive design and style allows the Strapping machine to continue cycling in scenarios that frequently cause strap jams in other machines.

Effortless coil reloadingThe Strapping machines

flexible style makes strap coil loading simpler than ever before. packing material Coil will pay off in either path, removing the incidences of mistake and down time connected with improper strap reloading.

Impressive, completely accessible strap course

Around the Strapping machine, increasing the easy-to-open tabletop reveals the chute. The Strapping machine features full access to the strap path, by lifting an easy to reach guide.


The strapping machine in pallet stretch wrapping line

pallet strapping machine
Pallet packing machine, pallet strapping machine
Pallet wrapping machine, pallet packaging line
Pallet wrapping machine, pallet packaging line
Every single day, our equipment are hard at packing work; case erecting, packing, sealing,strapping and palletizing bulk depalletizing, on production outlines service all over the world. You can depend on us for high quality pallet wrapping and strapping devices that stand the test of time, supported by extensive support and help for the lifetime of your gear. We are working that will help you satisfy packaging difficulties nowadays and down the road, with stretch wrapping machines that provide higher versatility, faster changeover, and wider merchandise ranges, while making operation less complicated and more easy-to-use than in the past.We meld new

technologies with proven working guidelines for stretch wrapping devices that provide actualworld solutions to your packaging needs. As an example, our situation erectors have personal-indexing, floor level publications to remove weighty raising, and leading bunch feeders that run warped and film device groupdesignated cases easily. Case packers and strapping machine have stainless structure stations to guard package deal graphics and servo operation for gentle and precise managing. Strong, safe palletloads are certain with our palletizers programmable sweep bars and squaring gadgets, whether or not palletizing situations, trays, bags and multipacks or plastic material totes. 

You can rely on us for support by manufacturing facilityskilled personnel who definitely are dedicated to helping you rapidly and to your complete satisfaction. All our services experts are PMMI Qualified Instructors who provide palms-on training to boost employee confidence and proficiency. 

With more than numerous years of serving the industry, we have gained several rich experience and loyal clients, and replicate company is the building block in our success. When it comes to packaging devices, we understand the business. We’d like the opportunity to service yours.


Steel coil horizontal packer

FHOPE company specializes in providing horizontal wrapper machines for steel coils. Steel coils are often used in a variety of industrial applications, and it is important to protect them during transportation and storage to ensure they arrive in good condition. The horizontal wrapper machine from FHOPE is designed to meet this need by providing a reliable and efficient solution for wrapping steel coils.

The machine operates by rotating the steel coil horizontally, allowing the protective material such as paper or plastic film to be wrapped around it in a consistent and controlled manner. The horizontal orientation of the coil helps to eliminate wrinkles and creases in the wrapping material, ensuring that the steel coil is protected from damage and debris. The machine is easy to operate, and the wrapping process can be controlled and adjusted to meet the specific requirements of each steel coil.

FHOPE’s horizontal wrapper machine is designed to be durable and long-lasting, ensuring that it can provide reliable performance for many years to come. The machine is made from high-quality materials and components, and it is designed to withstand the demands of heavy-duty industrial applications. The machine is also backed by a team of expert technicians and customer support, ensuring that customers can receive the help and support they need if they encounter any issues with their machine.

In conclusion, the horizontal wrapper machine from FHOPE is an excellent solution for anyone who needs to wrap steel coils for transportation or storage.

The machine provides a reliable and efficient solution that helps to protect steel coils from damage and ensures they arrive at their destination in good condition. With its durable construction, easy operation, and expert support, the FHOPE horizontal wrapper machine is a smart investment for anyone who needs to protect their steel coils.Regenerate response.


[email protected]


Flipper Goods For 180 Degreen

A “C type structure” is a design for heavy object 180 degree sheet turning equipment. This design typically consists of a base frame with an arm that extends out in a “C” shape. The heavy object is placed on the base frame, and the arm is used to rotate the object 180 degrees.

The base frame is generally made of steel or other heavy-duty materials, and is designed to withstand the weight of the heavy object. The arm is typically mounted on a pivot point, which allows it to rotate freely. The arm is typically controlled by a set of hydraulic or electric motors, and can be operated manually or automatically.

The C Type structure is commonly used in construction, shipyards, steel mills, heavy industry manufacturing, etc. This design allows heavy object such as steel plates, ship’s propeller etc to be rotated easily for further processing, welding, assembly or maintenance.

speed of turning over for heavy object 180 degree turning equipment is typically adjustable. The machine is equipped with a control system that allows the operator to adjust the speed of the turning process. This can be done through the use of a variable frequency drive (VFD) or a similar control mechanism.

The ability to adjust the speed of the turning process can be important in certain applications, as it allows the operator to match the speed of the turning process with the speed of other equipment in the production line, or to adjust the speed to match the size and weight of the object being turned. Additionally, the adjustable speed of turning can also provide a better control and precision on the specific job, ensuring a smooth and safe operation.


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Tube Pipe Packaging Solution 包装线

Automatic online Pipe bundling machine and bagging machine

Pipe bundling&bagging machine is a useful piece of equipment that can help streamline the packaging process for pipes. It can count and feed the pipes, align them, bundle them together, strap them, and convey them to the next stage in the process. By automating these tasks, it can help to reduce labor costs and improve the efficiency of the packaging process.

Fhope is a company that specializes in providing packaging solutions for the plastic and metallurgical industry. They offer a range of products that are designed to address common problems in packaging, such as loose or irregular packaging. Their team is available to help customers design the best protective packaging system for their specific needs.

Automatic online pipe bundling and bagging machine is a type of packaging equipment that is designed to bundle and bag pipes automatically. It can be connected to an extrusion machine for automatic feeding and packaging of pipes. The machine typically includes features such as pipe counting, feeding, storage, aligning, bundling, bagging, conveying, and more. It is designed to improve the efficiency and speed of the packaging process, while also reducing labor costs and ensuring that the pipes are securely and consistently packaged.

Sea worthy standard container is a type of shipping container that is designed to meet international standards for use in ocean transportation. These containers are typically made of steel and are designed to be strong, durable, and weather-resistant. They are also designed to be easily loaded and unloaded using cranes and other specialized handling equipment. Standard sea worthy containers come in a variety of sizes and configurations, including 20-foot, 40-foot, and 45-foot lengths, and high cube, refrigerated, open-top, and other specialized types. They are used to transport a wide range of goods by sea, including consumer goods, industrial products, and raw materials.


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Strapping System For Paper-Pile

Stacked paper vertical strapping

Stacked paper vertical strapping refers to a method of bundling together stacks of paper using a vertical strap. This can be done manually or with a machine.

To manually strap paper stacks together, you will need a roll of strapping material (such as plastic or metal) and a buckle or seal to secure the strap.

To begin, place the stack of paper on a stable surface and position the strap around the center of the stack. Pull the strap tight and secure it in place using the buckle or seal. Repeat this process for any additional stacks of paper that need to be strapped.

There are also machines available that can automatically strap stacks of paper together. These machines typically use a roll of strapping material and a mechanism to secure the strap in place. The stacks of paper are placed on a conveyor belt and are automatically strapped as they move through the machine.

Vertical strapping is often used in the shipping and distribution of paper products, such as newspapers, magazines, and books. It is a cost-effective and efficient way to keep stacks of paper together and prevent them from becoming damaged during transport.


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Machines for alumnium coil strapping

  • Fully automatic strapping machine is a specialized piece of equipment that is used to secure coils with straps. The machine is designed to handle the vertical strapping of coils and can be equipped with different heads for different joint types and strap qualities. The machine is also capable of applying coil protectors and marking or labeling the coils as they pass through the strapping process. It is available in a single-head version for the application of one strap or a twin-head version for the simultaneous application of two straps. The machine utilizes a conveyor system to load and center the coils, and the strap is fed through a strap channel before being sealed by the head. Is there anything else I can help with?
  • The fully automatic strapping machine is capable of applying multiple straps to a single coil by moving the strapping frame with the head to preset positions. This allows the machine to apply multiple straps to a single coil in a precise and efficient manner. If the machine is equipped with a twin-head version, it can apply two straps simultaneously, which can further increase the efficiency of the strapping process. It’s worth noting that the specific details of the strapping process may vary depending on the specific model and configuration of the machine, as well as the type and size of the coils being strapped. Is there anything else you’d like to know about this type of machine?
  • Contact:
  • [email protected]

Strapping Machine for bricks & blocks

Different Strapping Machines for bricks & blocks applications.

There are mainly 2 different strappin methods for bricks and clocks stacking pallets from FHOPE packing team.

  • 1. Vertical strapping of stacked bricks and blocks

Vertical strapping is a method of reinforcing stacked bricks or blocks by using metal straps or bands that are applied vertically to the sides of the stack. The straps provide additional support and stability to the stack, helping to prevent it from collapsing or shifting.

To apply vertical strapping, the straps are typically placed around the sides of the stack at regular intervals, with the top and bottom straps being positioned close to the top and bottom of the stack. The straps are then tightened using a tensioning tool, such as a ratchet or torque wrench, to apply a uniform tension to the straps.

Vertical strapping is often used in the construction of retaining walls, chimneys, and other structures that require additional stability and support. It can be especially useful in situations where the bricks or blocks are stacked to a significant height, or where the stack is subjected to high loads or other external forces.

  • 2. Horizontal strapping of stacked bricks and blocks

Horizontal strapping of stacked bricks and blocks refers to the practice of securing a stack of bricks or blocks together with horizontal straps or bands. This is typically done to ensure that the bricks or blocks stay in place and do not shift or collapse. There are a few different ways to perform horizontal strapping:

Using metal straps: Metal straps are typically made of steel and can be bent to fit around the stack of bricks or blocks. They are then tightened using bolts or screws.

Using wire ties: Wire ties can be used to secure a stack of bricks or blocks together. These ties are made of wire and are tightened using a wire-tying tool.

Using adhesive: Some builders use adhesive to secure a stack of bricks or blocks together. This is typically done by applying a thin layer of adhesive between the bricks or blocks and then allowing it to dry.

Regardless of the method used, the goal of horizontal strapping is to provide additional stability and support to the stack of bricks or blocks, helping to prevent them from shifting or collapsing.


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Whatsapp: 0086-13951501635


Strapping for steel coil

Pallet Inverter
                                                      Pallet Inverter
         FHOPE has manufactured pallet inverters for over 15 years. Each industrial-grade pallet inverter is meticulously constructed and backed by our 1-year warranty, lifelong maintenance and technical support.More Information

FHOPE Single Clamp Pallet Inverters are large-level freestanding models, that are completely stable under their own weight and only require an electrical connection to fully function. Single clamp inverters can only be loaded by forklift.                
View Video

FHOPE Dual Clamp Pallet Inverters are the most versatile models in our selection of pallet inverters and can be loaded using a forklift or at ground level by a pallet truck. Utilizes a higher clamping range than that of the free standing model pallet inverters.                 
 View Video 

Office one: 
B1130, Building 5, No.2758 songjin road, zhangyan town,Jingshan district, Shanghai.Factory 1: No.1428 North road shipu fengshou, qiandeng town, Kunshan city,Jiangsu Province ChinaSales Dept Email: [email protected]        [email protected]Tel:0086-21-57871865Mobile: 0086-13951501635

Tube Pipe Packaging Solution

Steel Tube Pipe Automation Packing Line

 FHOPE group been committed to steel packaging industry for many years, with rich experience in design and production.

All departments of FHOPE team work together to provide the most satisfactory packaging solutions for you, to improve your product competitiveness in the market.

Full-automatic & Semi-automatic Packing Solutions:

 (1).Full-automatic bundling + strapping + stacking packing line. (Full-auto steel belt strapping)

  (2).Semi-auto bundling + strapping packing line.(Manually steel strapping by Pneumatic Bundler)

Refer machines video links:

Full-Automatic bundling&strapping &stacking packing line.

Automatic bundling&strapping &wrapping packing line.


Office one: 
B1130, Building 5, No.2758 songjin road, zhangyan town,Jingshan district, Shanghai.

Factory 1: No.1428 North road shipu fengshou, qiandeng town, Kunshan city,Jiangsu Province China

Sales Dept Email: [email protected]        [email protected]


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3 leading Coil packing machine manufacturers


We would like to introduce company FHOPE PACKAGING MACHINERY CO.,LTD as leading manufacturer of end of line packing machinery and conveyor automation.
coil packing macine
We provide wrapping equipments for consumer product companies that are looking for reliable, easy-to-use, easy-to set-up and easy-to-maintain wrapping solutions.We have rich experience in helping consumer products companies reduce the packaging cost and societal impact of their product packaging while improving packaging appearance and maintaining product integrity. Now Fhope has deliveried more than 1654 sets of coil wrapping machine to 65 countries and gained high appreciation from our customers.


As a professional manufacturer for coil packing machine,coil wrapping machine, shjlpack providing almost full range coil packaging solution for their clients. As long as for coil object’s packaging requirement, you can find the suitable solution in Shjlpack. The coil packaging machine designed by SHJLPACK is occupy app. 20% market in China. The project provided is major for steel coilsindustry. The coil wrapping machine is widly using to aluminum coil, copper coil… The automatic coil packing system is their key range of the products.
horizontal type coil packing