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Automatic steel wire coil strapping machine

Automatic steel wire coil strapping machine

wire rod coil strapping amchine 2
The customer asking adding a press down device on the top for pressing the coil in strapping.
Besides, there are asking some similar videos to shwo the strapping machine in working.
Is it easy to replace/change the strapping head to a backup one if some problem in strapping head? How to handling the and replacing?
Automatic steel wire in-feeding, compacting, strapping and handling line. There is able provide the coil wrapping machine after wire coil compacting and strapping machine. Wire coil handling and packing will be more safety and easy compare to manual working.
Automatic wire packing line

Coil packaging line

coil master wrapper

Coil master
Coil master
Coil master
Coil master


III. Important Alert for coil master

  1. Abuse will lead to serious result.<0}
  2. Do have the machine grounded.<0}

III. In the event of urgent failure occurrence, do shut off or cut off power supply, and then carry out relevant troubleshooting operations after safety confirmation. <0}

  1. Never modify the control program and relevant parameter settings of this machine without authorization.


  1. Never tear off various signs marked on the machine.<0}
  2. Never open the electrical box when the machine is working.

VII. In the case of the lifting and lowering of unpackaged object, do ensure safe, steady and orderly operation, and unpackaged object’s collision with the machine shall be strictly forbidden. <0}

VIII. Standing under the running path of the objects is forbidden.

Ⅸ. Do not wear long hair, long gown or other long garments to avoid being involved into the machine.

  1. Examination and maintenance the machine regularly, to make sure the machine is in normal, safe and stable.
  2. Adding other equipments on the machine unauthorized is not allowed. Otherwise it will lead to abnormal working of the machine, even more serious consequences.

XII. Make sure to connect the earth wire correctly during welding work in the machine, otherwise the other electrical components will be damaged.

XIII. Never remove or broken the signal device after installation.

XIV. The unpackaged object and packing material must be placed in a right way.

  1. Cutting off the general power supply arbitrarily is forbidden.

XVI. Trigger the signal device during machine working for any reason is forbidden in coil master wrapping.

XVII. Never put tools or other object on the coil master wrapper machine.

XVIII. Some inappropriate operation also will lead to bad consequence.

Coil packaging line

Coil master packaging machine

Coil master wrapper
Coil master wrapper





This machine can be used to conduct relatively closed packaging for different dimensions of metal coils or coiled unpackaged objects, such as aluminum coil steel coil, steel belt so as to play a role of anti-rust, waterproof, dustproof, anti-damage and anti-aging etc.


The packing material mating with this machine can be use stretch film, high-quality compound knit packing tape.


  2. This automatic packing system is composed of blocker roller stations,

guide rail, main engine/machine, trolley, hydraulic system, shuttle, U-type orbital, packing material release & storage station, automatic mechanical hand, signal detection system, electric circuit system, electric cabinet and etc.

  1. Automatic precise orientation system, shift the blocker roller station

automatically and orientate the coils’ center automatically. Avoiding tedious operations and bad results caused by inaccurate orientation manually.

  1. Adopt three axes association structure, which is suitable for different size

of coils’ package.

  1. Special packing material release & storage device, easy & convenient

& fast to exchange the packing material as needed.

  1. Mechanical hand cutting packing material automatically, to reduce

the packing material cutting time and enhance the packing efficiency greatly.

  1. Multiple safe signal detection device, make sure the machine is safe and

induction precise during working.

  1. The trolley is controlled by hydraulic system, stable, safe and reliable.

8. PLC & HMI program control system combines with buttons operation. Up to 30 groups of parameter setting can be input & preserved & auto-exchanged.




Coil packaging line

coil packaging line optional


coil packaging line
coil packaging line

coil packaging line optional

Coil packing line manufactures a multitude of total Slit Coil packaging line line and systems elements ranging from the very basic to totally automatic higher-manufacturing techniques, all made to satisfy customer specs and grow design.

Slit coil capacities to 20,000# by 84″ O.D.

Packaging Line Components Provided by Coiltech Include:

Coil Pushoff Kind Slit Coil Downenders

“Operatorless” Programmable Slit Coil Downenders

Energy Curler Conveyor

Semi-Automated Slit Coil Strapping machines

I.D. Coil Grabs

Auto Coil Stackers

Coil Working Turntables

Pallet Banding Stations

Think about Stations

Coil packaging line

coil packaging line and relative equipments

he Lightweight supply lines are subdivided into HEAVY, MEDIUM and LIGHT.

Illuminate to 5Ton, width from 50 to 600 millimeters, fullness from .5 millimeters to 4. mm, speeds up to 120m/minutes

Medium sized approximately 15Ton, width from 100 to 1500 mm, density from .8 mm to 8. millimeters, speeds up to 60 m/min

Weighty up to 25Ton, width from 200 approximately 2000 mm, thickness from 2 mm to 18 mm, accelerates to 40 m/min

These lines are therefore able to work density from .5 mm to 18 millimeters with operating rates of speed that range from 40 to 120 m/min based on the requirements from the particular customer.

Different kinds of components could be machined, from smooth ones like aluminium and alloys, to cold and hot-rolled carbon and materials and stainless, and also to highstrength supplies and lamination metallic. They are created only of two primary machines, the decoiler and the straightener-feeder. Especially when they space in the works is restricted, although they are ideal for machining materials with medium and high thicknesses.

This sort of item is specifically ideal for producing architectural parts.

The flexibleness which can be put on these lines assists you to study the very best remedy according to the customers’ particular operating requirements, depending on the areas which they should be and the usage of the material by itself as highlighted below:

Lines for subsupply

These have already been analyzed for coils of various materials, surface, dimensions and widths finishes. orbital pallet wrapping machine can research lines as outlined by certain production needs depending on the quality and quantity from the substance, even if the space is restricted.

The solutions could be diverse according to the specific machining requirements. orbital pallet wrapping machine is usually capable of ensure a painstaking research of the finest answer and maximum versatility useful.

greater efficiency, because of performance created for transforming the tonnes of materials within the higherhigh quality completed materials manufacturing facilities. A cuttingadvantage electric powered program the key for increasing total performance and automating the functions which were traditionally completed by the user only.

higher flexibility, necessary for machining a huge range of supplies. Thanks to modular style also, the line can further boost your business by means of the addition of electronic and mechanised up-dates that are designed for changing it in to a new grow for operating different coil sizes and types of material.

– the reliability of orbital pallet wrapping machine goods is constitutes and known a genuine jewel in our crown. The machines and machining lines happen to be made with the highest treatment to strength and resistance with time. The dependability and lower maintenance specifications, alongside by using standard industry parts, allow an appreciable reduction of running charges and optimum productivity. In the case of scheduled upkeep functions or perhaps the replacing used components, orbital pallet wrapping machine design and style assists you to reduce lifeless instances due to construction in modular organizations which can be quickly and uncomplicated to replace.

Coil packaging line

the reliability of pallet wrapper

Lines for lamination steel
Lines specially designed for production using fast presses. Systems that maximize the performance of the feeder are introduced into these lines as requested by the specific market.
Lines for fine punching
Lines specially designed for working coils intended for precision production. The coils can be treated by levellers specifically designed for eliminating internal stresses and for obtaining the high piece quality requested by the quality standards in the sector.The solutions can be diversified on the basis of the specific machining needs. pallet wrapper is always able to ensure a painstaking study of the best solution and maximum flexibility of use.- greater productivity, thanks to functionality designed for transforming the tonnes of material in the high-quality finished material warehouses. A cutting-edge electrical system which is the key for increasing total performance and automating the functions that were traditionally carried out by the operator only.

– greater flexibility, necessary for machining a vast range of materials. Thanks to modular design too, the line can further increase your business through the addition of electronic and mechanical updates that are capable of transforming it into a new plant for working different coil sizes and types of material.

– the reliability of pallet wrapper products is known and constitutes a real jewel in our crown. The steel coil packing machines and machining lines have been designed with the utmost care to strength and resistance over time. The reliability and low maintenance requirements, along with the use of standard market components, permit an appreciable reduction of operating costs and optimum productivity. In the case of scheduled maintenance operations or the replacement of worn parts, pallet wrapper design makes it possible to reduce dead times thanks to construction in modular groups that are fast and simple to replace.

Aluminum profile packing line manufacturer:

Coil packaging line

coil packaging line and coil stacker

coil packaging line
coil packaging line and stacker

Slit coil stacker

By sliding after cutting, this has very simple characteristics and places one sheet above another. Applicable only for materials that do not require particular attention, although this is the simplest and most economical solution.

Recommended for ferritic and nonsensitive components, its expense is reasonable and also the stacking rates variety as much as 100 m/minutes.

Stacker with page assistance rollers (nomoving)

This is designed for accumulating one sheet at the same time and placing them a single over the other by decreasing them vertically, without damaging the surfaces. It is now also being used for sheets of carbon steel, though this type of stacking is indicated for delicate materials such as stainless steel and prepainted and aluminium ones. This system assists you to stop area scoring which is unaccepted through the high quality system of numerous organizations. In some instances it is additionally employed since it creates significantly less noises than other stacking techniques.

With a stacking speed up to 50-80 m/min, though a very versatile system, recommended for all materials.

Magnet stacker in coil packaging line

Stacking happens through a number of magnets coupled with a highpreciseness, substantialoverall performance system which, by positioning the sheets by decreasing them vertically, prevents area scoring.

Recommended for methods for top speed stacking as much as 100 m/minutes and ferritic components including carbon dioxide steel.

Vacuum stacker

This really is employed when substantial amounts are required and it is therefore especially suitable for support industries, centres and steelworks. It includes vacuum techniques about that your conveyor buckle rotates, collecting the metal linens and promoting them efficiently and quickly to the opposing area. The conveyance speed from the sheet is closely associated with the conveyor belt rotation speed.

Suitable for higherpace techniques and ideal for stacking fragile materials and sheets with specific shapes, including trapeziums and discs, at stacking accelerates to 100 m/min.

Coil packaging line
Coil packaging line
Coil packaging line
Technological development in machining page steel has made it possible to design and put in increasingly fast, productive and modern machines. Coil packaging series, together with its very own cutting lines, styles stacking and packaging options that are suitable for the needs of each increase and customer their efficiency and competitiveness.

In order to obtain well-palletized and strapped products, especially in the case of delicate materials, automation with well-calibrated processes is of absolute importance. With its encounter, Coil packaging collection has the capacity to research particular alternatives based on demands and the kind of material. Some alternatives are highlighted listed below.

Slit coil packaging lines

These constitute the ultimate phase in the machining method in slitting lines.These systems are for picking up each and every individual coil, strapping it radially and stacking it with all the growth of a heap. The stacks of coils may be evacuated specifically, strapped on to pallets, weighed, labelled and packaged on the basis of person demands. The flexibleness of such techniques makes it possible to assemble the completed product in different ways, therefore getting multiple combos like in-series stacks or celebrityformed ones.

Lines for stacking coil and sheets packing them in packages

These make up the ultimate period in the machining process in reduce-to- size lines. The linens are loaded and will be labelled, packed and weighed as outlined by the needs, use and dimensions wanted from the customer. In order to obtain finished packs ready for shipping, these operations are carried out in a completely automatic manner and in complete safety.