Steel coil horizontal packer

FHOPE company specializes in providing horizontal wrapper machines for steel coils. Steel coils are often used in a variety of industrial applications, and it is important to protect them during transportation and storage to ensure they arrive in good condition. The horizontal wrapper machine from FHOPE is designed to meet this need by providing a reliable and efficient solution for wrapping steel coils.

The machine operates by rotating the steel coil horizontally, allowing the protective material such as paper or plastic film to be wrapped around it in a consistent and controlled manner. The horizontal orientation of the coil helps to eliminate wrinkles and creases in the wrapping material, ensuring that the steel coil is protected from damage and debris. The machine is easy to operate, and the wrapping process can be controlled and adjusted to meet the specific requirements of each steel coil.

FHOPE’s horizontal wrapper machine is designed to be durable and long-lasting, ensuring that it can provide reliable performance for many years to come. The machine is made from high-quality materials and components, and it is designed to withstand the demands of heavy-duty industrial applications. The machine is also backed by a team of expert technicians and customer support, ensuring that customers can receive the help and support they need if they encounter any issues with their machine.

In conclusion, the horizontal wrapper machine from FHOPE is an excellent solution for anyone who needs to wrap steel coils for transportation or storage.

The machine provides a reliable and efficient solution that helps to protect steel coils from damage and ensures they arrive at their destination in good condition. With its durable construction, easy operation, and expert support, the FHOPE horizontal wrapper machine is a smart investment for anyone who needs to protect their steel coils.Regenerate response.


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Flipper Goods For 180 Degreen

A “C type structure” is a design for heavy object 180 degree sheet turning equipment. This design typically consists of a base frame with an arm that extends out in a “C” shape. The heavy object is placed on the base frame, and the arm is used to rotate the object 180 degrees.

The base frame is generally made of steel or other heavy-duty materials, and is designed to withstand the weight of the heavy object. The arm is typically mounted on a pivot point, which allows it to rotate freely. The arm is typically controlled by a set of hydraulic or electric motors, and can be operated manually or automatically.

The C Type structure is commonly used in construction, shipyards, steel mills, heavy industry manufacturing, etc. This design allows heavy object such as steel plates, ship’s propeller etc to be rotated easily for further processing, welding, assembly or maintenance.

speed of turning over for heavy object 180 degree turning equipment is typically adjustable. The machine is equipped with a control system that allows the operator to adjust the speed of the turning process. This can be done through the use of a variable frequency drive (VFD) or a similar control mechanism.

The ability to adjust the speed of the turning process can be important in certain applications, as it allows the operator to match the speed of the turning process with the speed of other equipment in the production line, or to adjust the speed to match the size and weight of the object being turned. Additionally, the adjustable speed of turning can also provide a better control and precision on the specific job, ensuring a smooth and safe operation.


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Strapping for steel coil


3 leading Coil packing machine manufacturers


We would like to introduce company FHOPE PACKAGING MACHINERY CO.,LTD as leading manufacturer of end of line packing machinery and conveyor automation.
coil packing macine
We provide wrapping equipments for consumer product companies that are looking for reliable, easy-to-use, easy-to set-up and easy-to-maintain wrapping solutions.We have rich experience in helping consumer products companies reduce the packaging cost and societal impact of their product packaging while improving packaging appearance and maintaining product integrity. Now Fhope has deliveried more than 1654 sets of coil wrapping machine to 65 countries and gained high appreciation from our customers.


As a professional manufacturer for coil packing machine,coil wrapping machine, shjlpack providing almost full range coil packaging solution for their clients. As long as for coil object’s packaging requirement, you can find the suitable solution in Shjlpack. The coil packaging machine designed by SHJLPACK is occupy app. 20% market in China. The project provided is major for steel coilsindustry. The coil wrapping machine is widly using to aluminum coil, copper coil… The automatic coil packing system is their key range of the products.
horizontal type coil packing
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coil wrapping machine


For meeting the requirement for the coil shape products packaging requirement, the most popular solution in the market is coil wrapping machine.

coil wrapping machine
coil wrapping machine

The Coil wrapping machine is a kind of highly efficient equipment specially designed for wrapping packages using eye through film roll and paper roll.

It is an reliable and market tested soltuion for coils packaging and can be customized to different coil sizes, handling ways, packing materials and requirements.

The perfect coil packaging solution is able to achieve a nice and uniform look for many coil in different size and weight. The coil wrapping machine works for such as hose coils, pipe coils, wire coils, bearings, cables, etc.


There are different solution per differnt packaging.

Different products require different types of packaging adjustment in packing material and handling way. For example, hose coil  would need to be wrapped by a spiral ring with proper holding that is for keeping the coil position in wrapping. The most wire coil need to using stretch film rollers for inner layer sealed packaging. The coil wrapping machine has different version that allows the coil to be passed through the eye of the product with vertical or horizontally.

hose coil wrapping machinea
hose coil wrapping machine

For example, in the bearing coil packing, the coil wrapping machine is able providing the oiling, OD adjustment, packing material cutting and feeding… But choosing the different function and device the coil wrapping machine working in wide range of the coil packaging requirement.



The steel coil strapping machines

In the steel industry, the steel coil strapping is an necessary porcession after coil rolling. The strapping is the tightening the steel coil to avoide it lose in moving and for coil packing and protection the strapping is required too.

For the steel coil strapping there are different version strapping solution that designed per different coil strapping goal.

 A. for slitting coil strappping

Automatic slitting coil strapping machine

The cold roll steel coil after slitting and rewinding becomes a nerrow steel coil. It has to be strapping by eye throug for bindling. Thsi is the solution for eye through strappping.

B. Cold roll big coil strappipng

circumference coil strapping machinery

The col roll steel coil strapping include OD direction strapping and ID direction strapping. Since the steel coil is heavy and difficult to handling by manually, the strapping need to be done on the handling line. Following is the circumference and radial strapping way to help improving the big steel coil strapping.

circumference coil strapping machineryRadial steel coil strapping machine

C. Special strapping solution.

Automatic slitting coil PET strapping machine


Normally it used to be a part of the light and nerrow coil packing line. Or for ‘soft’ coi such as copper coil, wire coil, aluminum coil. It is gentle force for strapping .

Above information provided by the manufacturer for steel coil strapping line.



How to choose the strapping machine for cable wire coil
[凌晨12:29, 2021年5月20日] Tomas: I’m looking for a machine I saw in your web site
[凌晨12:29, 2021年5月20日] Tomas:
[早上8:29, 2021年5月20日] Randal: Hello
[上午9:40, 2021年5月20日] Tomas: How are you??
[中午12:08, 2021年5月20日] Randal: great thank you
[中午12:09, 2021年5月20日] Randal: what is your coil size and weight?
[晚上7:23, 2021年5月20日] Tomas: I will check now and let you know
[晚上8:50, 2021年5月20日] Tomas: Max diameter 40cm min diameter 19cm inner diameter 15cm
[晚上8:51, 2021年5月20日] Tomas: I need to put 2/4 pp strips like the machine I sent you
[晚上6:51, 2021年5月21日] Tomas: Could you check this??
[下午1:20, 2021年5月22日] Randal: ok
[下午1:21, 2021年5月22日] Randal: what is your email please
[晚上9:31, 2021年5月22日] Tomas: [email protected] or [email protected]
[晚上6:25, 2021年5月24日] Randal: Please check the eamil
[凌晨12:42, 2021年5月25日] Tomas: I have checked but I just need the machine as I sent you, just need the strip part
[凌晨12:43, 2021年5月25日] Tomas: I already have a coiling machine and filmshrink
[凌晨12:44, 2021年5月25日] Tomas: I just want to add that machine to my production line
[上午10:33, 2021年5月25日] Randal: Ok, it is possible. The key point is how to move the coil from cable wire coiling machine to strapping machine, BY AUTOMATIC OR BY MANUALLY?
[上午10:33, 2021年5月25日] Randal: The higher rate is by manually.
[上午10:35, 2021年5月25日] Randal: So the solution will be offered upon your feedback

automatic cable coiler and strapping machine

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Automatic steel wire coil strapping machine

Automatic steel wire coil strapping machine

wire rod coil strapping amchine 2
The customer asking adding a press down device on the top for pressing the coil in strapping.
Besides, there are asking some similar videos to shwo the strapping machine in working.
Is it easy to replace/change the strapping head to a backup one if some problem in strapping head? How to handling the and replacing?
Automatic steel wire in-feeding, compacting, strapping and handling line. There is able provide the coil wrapping machine after wire coil compacting and strapping machine. Wire coil handling and packing will be more safety and easy compare to manual working.
Automatic wire packing line


Automatic slitting steel coil packing line

As a manufacturer, there are many type coil packing system per didferent packaging goal.
My team will follow up your requirement in coil packing line.
Width:25-700mm       OD:650-2000mm     ID:450-650mm    Max.Weight:4T
Package weight: Max.12T
Learning from your need for slitting coil size, following is economic suggestion.
Automatic handing and packing for witdth: 25-400mm    OD:650-1800mm.The rest big OD&width coil handling by crane with manually/semiauto packing.
If you insisit one packing line for all size coil packaging, it is not problem too, but the cost higher much.
slitting coil packagign line
This is the machine including the turnstile, weighing machine, strapping machine, wrapping machine for film  & paper, centering machine, stacking machine and conveyor. Please check and let me know  what is the function required by your company. If the packing line needs more function, please let me know.
Besides, please provide following information.
1. what is the packing material, such as stretch film, paper, woven…
2. Do you heve the timber between the coil while it stocks on pallet
Waiting for your reply.
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