orbital stretch wrapper

Aluminum profile packing line

Aluminum profile packing line manufacturer

In-feeding&out-feeding conveyor with paper/film wrapping machine is the basice function.

1. bundle banding machines is for banding the aluminum profile bundle with film
2. Transfer conveyor is able multi bundle loading by worker and transfer the aluminum bundle into wrapping one by one.
3. Tape wrapping machine is for tapping the wrapped bundle head&tail with BOPP tape.
4. Storage conveyor is for receiving&storage the bundle package one by one for worker gathering at one ime.

Aluminum profile wrapping machine

Automatic aluminum profile packaging solutions.

Please check the automatic wrapping machine for aluminum profile bundle with EU stanard.

The stanard machine is 2m conveyor that can be longer per your requirement .


orbital stretch wrapper

orbital stretch wrapper for panel and door

Panel packing machine
Panel packing machine & orbital stretch wrapper


  1. Brief introduction

The shrink wrapping machine all conform to CE guidelines and have been designed using the latest technology and design criteria for industrial use.


The JLPACK provides orbital stretch wrapper packaging solutions for the window industry. Our commitment to the industry has resulted in the development of innovative, cost efficient products that address problems like loose, irregular packaging. Our sales, equipment service, customer service and engineering departments can help you design the optimum protective packaging system for your application.


Automatic Sealing and Shrinking Machine for wood board & window & door with full sides packaging.


  1. Features
  • Automatic Sealing Station and orbital stretch wrapper:


  • Lengthways sealing.
  • The height of the sealing is adjustable.
  • Smokeless sealing and packing material residual free.
  • Speed of the sealing is adjustable according difference packing material.
  • Conveyors driven by motor with gear box.
  • Speed of the conveyors is adjustable.
  • Sensor detecting the objects for operation action.
  • Automatic center orientation device to regulate products’ center.
orbital stretch wrapper

Orbital stretch wrapper for furniture and wooden

Orbital stretch wrapper
Orbital stretch wrapper and spiral wrapping machine

I am a Russian trade agent in China, name Elena. Now one of my clients from Orsk (Russia) is looking for a provider of orbital stretch wrapper and packing stretch-hood machine. He need to pack freezers, so sizes of packing is 2000*500*500 mm, weight about 100 kg. I know some Russian parameters, but it can be changed:

  • Film thickness: 70-200 μm
  • Difference in thickness: ±4%
  • Sleeve width: till 1800 mm (1150+325+325 tab)
  • Perimeter of packing: till 3600 mm
  • Stretching limit: 50-100%

If u have a stretch-hood packing machine (now I am talking about packing machine, not about film) suitable for packing freezers please send me specification with FOB price to my mail:

Some information about our company:


This is Pratheek from South India.
We have a machine to be delivered from China.
As searched online, we got to know that you are the best for trade.
Well, can you please give me the details of the expenses we will have to bear for the transaction.
Our orbital stretch wrapper machinery cost is $28000 USD
Please let us know about the packing, insurance, mode of transportation and what will be your role and how can you help us with this.
Our company Plasticos manufactures plastics films in Mexico, including stretch hood film for orbital stretch wrapping machine.

We are interested in your stretch hood machines for our own use, and for distribution in the future. At the moment we are interested in buying one of them.

Please send us:
1) technical information.
2) quotation FOB mexican port ( Manzanillo)

Thank you in advance for your atention.


orbital stretch wrapper

Tube, door, horizontal Stretch Wrapping Machine

Tube Stretch Wrapping MachineGG

collection automated pipe stretch wrapper are mainly designed for metallurgical industries. The machine may be widely used for wrapping heavy bundles, like steel pipe, petro tube, stainless steel pipe and wire rod. The covered package is properly protected and sealed, it also looks tidy.PLC and HMI

systems are implemented for clever procedure. …Orbital Wrapper

Orbital wrapper

is an stretch wrapping machine with orbital ring for packaging. 20 years producing experience. Orbital stretch wrapper designed to place weighty items with film size 300-500mm.Stretch Wrapper

is perfect for substantial productions ofdoors and furniture, timber panels, and so on. Custom create can be obtained 

Doorway Stretch Wrapper 

Front door Stretch Wrapper is machine for door wrapping by stretch film. 200% pre-stretch is perfect for save packing substance. The Stretch Wrapper is with unique designed encouraging roll and auto placement gadget.Stretch Wrapper

is for substantial productions ofwindow and doors, timber boards, and so on. Custom create is accessible.Horizontal Wrapping Machine

Our rod horizontal Stretch Wrapper

is provided with great design and technique. It comes with increaseengagement ring and dualrub wheel devices, it makes the job more secure and efficient. 

Unique conveying device is easier for reloading and conveying the package deal, it fortifies the transfer capability. 

The packing cost can be cut by using wide packing belt. 

Account Stretch Wrapping MachineGZ

range profile horizontal Stretch Wrapper are major designed for lighting straight objects, such as PVC pipe, plastic-type water pipe, aluminium section and aluminum user profile. 

Diverse packing masteries can be purchased as the needs.The

mechanised hands product can be selected for auto material feeding and cutting operation. 

Aluminum Wrapping Machine 

Light weight aluminum horizontal stretch wrapping machine is for light weight aluminum account or portion packaging. There is certainly auto packing line for aluminium user profile bundling strapping, wrapping.Stretch Wrapper

is a machine capable of on the internet packing 

The can be designed according to your factory space and layout. 

Board Stretch Wrapper 

Board horizontal wrapper is equipped with dualengagement ring and increaserub wheel gadgets, which may mostly increase the function effectiveness. 

Special conveying device is adopted in order to loading and conveying the package easily.When

trouble takes place, sign security alarms display automatically.

Info orbital stretch wrapper

orbital wrapping machine Systems as well as its stainlesss steel strapping

Pac Strapping Items, Inc. is starting a completely new brand of hefty-task polyester strapping. Our new PET strapping is 1” wide and .050” thick and it also is not going to acquire any prisoners. When you have been utilizing 1 ? ” metal strapping for the most stressful applications, you might be able to change it with the much stronger and lengthier-long lasting heavy-responsibility polyester strapping for orbital stretch wrapper.

Sectors wanting more robust strapping incorporate those who assist hardwood, stainlesss steel platter, light weight aluminum ingots, and also in metal services locations. Working with these components is not for the faint of center; actually the death rate in signing is 21 periods more than the national regular. Therefore, when heavy-duty strapping isn’t the only real aspect in retaining timber workers secure, it can enjoy a major part.

It is very important do not forget that regardless of what you happen to be utilizing strapping for, it is important that you just pick the best strapping to complete the task safely and securely. For this reason you must depend upon PAC to help you select your strapping whatever you handle. We generally placed the basic safety of our buyers initially.