orbital stretch wrapper and spiral wrapping machine


Orbital stretch wrapper
Orbital stretch wrapper and spiral wrapping machine

orbital stretch wrapper for panel


Yes, our company is the producer/manufacturer of corrugated pipe coils wrapping machine. Below pic. shown is just the machine we supplied for
orbital stretch wrapper Ltd in last year. It designed mainly for light and small hose coils’ package.
Following are the information you needed:
1. Technical Specification of the stretch wrapper Machine
—- The machine is customized, the machine technical specification is made according to your pipe coils.
2. Offer of the Machine. for wrapping corrugated pipes from 10mm to 50mm n rolls of 50mtrs each
—- We would like know more details of your pipe coils.
3. Video of the Machine working
—- This is the video link of wrapping machine working.
4. Delivery Period
—- It is about 35 days.
Sorry, i don’t remember what is the size of your corrugated pipe coils’ specification talked before days!
Could you tell me your coils size again as below? Then i can give the detail offer and machine technical specification to you.
1. coil specification

Pipe coil
2. what is the packing material do you use? LLDPE film, HDPE/PVC film, knit belt…
3. what is the production capacity of pipe coil per day ( 8 hours working time)?
Any question, pls feel free to let me know.
Info Pallet wrapping machine

automatic horizontal stretch wrapper

The main performance and structure characteristics:
In English display control system, stainless steel body, only the parameters are set at the display setting unit (Dai Chang), the control system will automatically optimize and match the actions, thus achieving the best horizontal stretch wrapper packing speed.
2 Double light source photoelectric detection system is stable and reliable, to ensure complete logo bags.
3horizontal stretch wrapper temperature control. Automatic measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, printing, cutting and counting all the work; by three side seal double side heating or four sides sealing heat sealing mode (can also be customized back seal).
The scope of application:
Suitable for screws, nuts, fasteners, hardware small parts etc..
The main technical parameters:
Production capacity: 30-70bag/min
Measuring range: 1-8 particle (can be customized multi particle)
The bag size: length (L) of 20-120mm???? wide (W) 50-85mm
Total power: 1KW
Net weight: 150KG?
Power supply voltage: 380V? 50Hz?? 50-60Hz?? 220V?
Packing material: paper / polyethylene, polyester / nylon / polyethylene aluminum foil / PE, etc.
Size: 1270 (L) * 945 (W) * 1616 (H) mm
* Electronic logic circuit system of the newly developed, can improve the speed and accuracy of the machine;
* Machine can achieve unmanned packing, also can control the whole process of single package, easy to use;
* According to customer requirements, customized 1-5 channel bundling, speed: 2 seconds / road;
* Unique aluminum alloy stent, mechanical structure of the most novel, oil free;
* Electrical components selected international brands, the whole horizontal stretch wrapper machine is stable and reliable quality.
Automatic strapping machine of well-known foreign imported parts, the horizontal stretch wrapping machine has the advantages of simple operation, high work efficiency, energy saving, high quality, packaging advantages of low failure rate, long service life; mainly for the commercial, postal, railway, bank, food, medical, publications issuing etc..


Guidebook Packaging Machines

Capabilities Review

Fhps-500 adopts PLC management, shrink coil packaging for many different products suited to PE, POF shrink packaging resources such as plastic-type. Machine employs sound design, packaging securing limited and straightforward procedure, straightforward maintenance. With my business “CCP-R” sequence shrink machine utilized in association.

Functions Depth

A.seal, the light up generated, nice and clean work environment. packaging, packaging components will probably be placed on the conveyor belt, which can be effortlessly bundled.

electric eye control gadget, choosing top to bottom or horizontal, based on products thickness and sizes.

Saves work charges, an individual can operate those items added to the conveyor buckle can be easily stuffed.

The scale of application

Meals (new vegetables, lunch, fruit and class, coil packaging, etc.hardware, medicines and ) plastic-type material merchandise, car pieces could be.

Technological Parameters

Version name

CCP- L500 automatic shrink coil wrapping machine

Machine sizing


Maximum bundle size L*W*H mm

350*100*60 variable

Packing rates

1500 item/h

Provide voltage

AC220 50/60HZ 2KW

Air flow KG/CM2


For shrink film

POF .012-.03(fold film)

Machine excess weight (kg)


We also generate: various kinds of Warmth Shrink Packaging Machines,

Coil Packing Machines, Shrinking Machines, Securing Machines,

Horizontal Cushion Packaging Machines, Automatic Packaging Machines,

Semiautomatic Packing Machines, Manual Packaging Machines, a

nd POF Shrink Film.


Super coil wrapping machine

Coil flex-pack extrusion covering packing line – This line supports price-vulnerable adaptable packaging programs. It really is pre-set up to merge consumer desire using the best components in the industry for better finish-merchandise good quality, increased up-time and output, lessened waste and production costs, and application adaptability. Also, it is manufactured with verified components and an flexible machine configuration, making it perfect for converters, publishing firms, multinational organizations and commence-ups.

Extremely coil wrapping machine – Commemorating a decade of market superiority, Davis-Standard’s Super coil wrapping machine consistently amaze processor chips in the pipe and profile and sheet marketplaces. It is designed for efficiency, price-effectiveness as well as a quickly shipping and delivery, and available in dimensions which range from 2 ins (50mm) to 3.5- ins (90mm) with a 24: 1 L/D ratio. Design and style positive aspects incorporate a firm basic with architectural metallic building; a wear-resistant bimetallic barrel; a modular inverted-L style manage panel; and gear reducer with a weighty-walls, two-piece iron real estate and single helical gearing. It really is available with an array of DSB® shield attach designs and Davis-Standard


Stockroom stretch wrapping machine for package

Other observers also see possibility of stretch wrapping machine process. John Sidell, principal and co-creator with New Training course, says the newest stretch wrapping machine method solutions are in a better position to optimize the coping with of orders placed in extremely programmed, omni-channel gratification services. ?°What?ˉs happened is that the warehouse control vendors have built out more functionality to handle all the marshaling and the waving and sequencing of work that needs to pass through the various automated materials handling systems,?± says Sidell. ?°All that marshaling of work and resources sequencing goes beyond the first ??visitors cop?ˉ part WCS enjoyed between your mechanization.?±

Central function of stretch wrapping machine program

It doesn?ˉt fully replace WMS, but augments it when it comes to things like ?°wave-less?± order picking,. That’s the first thing to understand about stretch wrapping machine system, suppliers say.

The rise of omni-route signifies that a lot more DCs can no longer set requests into sizeable surf that must be totally refined prior to dealing with far more orders. ?°Now fulfillment has to be far more true-time and transaction dependent,?± states Gene Billings, director of software program goods for Intelligrated, which acquired Knighted Application at the end of 2012.

Intelligrated?ˉs WCSPlus solution, states Billings, will be able to handle the brand new kind of achievement including wave-a lot less deciding on. Essentially, he claims, the WCS collection is producing ?°continuous surf?± that continuously fall picks into each and every operator?ˉs swimming pool of work. ?°Instead of obtaining a batch of employment these operators will work with, they will have exactly what is generally a substance and continuous physique of labor,?± he claims.

Also modular applications with knowledge of inventory and order information, adds Billings, although to accomplish this style of dynamic fulfillment, it takes more than a traditional WCS.

Miguel Pinilla, vice president of World-wide Logistics Remedies for Dematic, confirms stretch wrapping machine method remedies are modular solutions by using a WCS key. He also highlights that in which conventional WCS was focused on managing automatic resources dealing with gear, the newest breed of options requires in better-degree obstacles for example vibrant dealing with of e-trade requests and low fat/move gratification. ?°It?ˉs shifting from gear control to a far more crucial platform for rendering,?± says Pinilla.


Energetic line pusher

IPak, driven by Professional Mach, consistently improve its position since the major remedy company for generating retail store all set exhibits along with other holder deals. IPak’s compact, servo-centered TF-200TQ creates top quality, great looking retail prepared displays with rollover home windows at accelerates to 32 containers each minute.

IPak’s accurate servos enable greater control over speed, monitoring and diagnostics and sequence programming which means greater efficiency, with less orbital stretch wrapper packaging waste and improved financial savings. Much less force during creating also allows much softer dealing with, a quieter wrapping machine and a lot more attractive dish exhibits exactly where performance and aesthetics are vital.

Efficiency advantages and model improvements consist of:

Productive line pusher factors triangular corner articles to holder bottom for solid, attractive trays.

Twin parallel pressure creates a complete relationship over all stuck servings.

Roll-over show house windows concurrently developed in the course of holder creating for increased looks and flap connecting.

Optimal Motion Program for accurate blank handling without dual choosing.

Easy access atmosphere regulators for simple, quick changes.

Humidity proof chrome shafting.

Nordson Liberty heat-on-need stick program with incorporated stainless steel feeder tank to reduce downtime, char, waste and energy consumption.

Increased filtering regulator, and coalescing (FRC) system with two-phase moisture and filtration assortment from air feeds without oil lubrication.

The TF-200TQ is completely adaptable to make different tray sizes and depths. Alter-overs are clearly defined and repeatable with predetermined holder size recipes, shade-coded dials and deals with, and convenient on machine directions. Dimensions changes can be executed in less than a quarter-hour. Common programs include fresh fruit and produce, snacks, candies, stand up pouches and hand bags, bottled beverages, espresso, encased meals, palm wipes as well as other items in canisters and cartons.

“IPak methods deliver stronger, much more constantly formed, sq . and firmly stuck containers than every other stretch machines in the industry,” said Dyrl Nixon, IPak Product Supervisor. “The TF-200TQ combines the latest technologies and ergonomic style principles with IPak’s years of experience with delivering high value, good performance tray formers. The effect is actually a little footprint wrapping machine that delivers unequaledperformance and efficiency, simplicity of use, and investment worth.”


action drip resilient stretch

operated by Expert Mach, will display a built-in high-speed orbital stretch wrapper packaging answer that includes a stretch overwrapper and a weigh-price labeler at Pack Expo 2014, November 2-5, in Chicago. Ossid will even exhibit individual machines, including the Reliability horizontal develop-fill up-seal machine and 500im drip resistant stretch overwrapper. (Ossid Pack Expo Booth # N-5313)

“Pack Expo guests will find that Ossid can offer a one-cease-shop answer for an built-in orbital stretch wrapper packaging collection which provides performance, durability and reliability and manufacturing information incorporation,” mentioned Jason Angel, Vice President of Revenue. “The machines displayed supply verified solutions formeat and poultry, and dairy food environments.”

Machines in the Built-in Line

The 500Si higher-speed stretch overwrapper produces securely covered, PVC situation all set orbital stretch wrapper packaging at speeds as high as 120 containers a minute. An easy-to-use HMI ensures ease of operation and quick, tool-free changeover among package dimensions is fast and simple. The open up stainless body and other building factors are appropriate for the tough conditions of poultry and meat orbital stretch wrapper packaging amenities. The 500Si has a fairly tiny footprint and is great for room-constrained environments.

The 1500 series weigh price labeler enhances production with flexible and accurate label location. The 1500 range is graded at up to 120 trays each minute. The unit comes with equally normal options and features. A host of data purchase capabilities are available, such as the productiveness enhancing Ossid General Equipment Usefulness (OEE) device.

The CS5000 is surely an NTEP Qualified case range that weighs cases with the company’s latest tolerance selection of /- .02lbs (.01kg). The unit’s Microsoft SQL Database provides smooth info integration and data exchange. Ethernet community performance facilitates auto order handling and keeping track of, distant end user training, off-web site servicing, software program updates, and a lot more.

Individual Machines presented in the Ossid Presentation area

The ReliabilityAnd#8482; horizontal develop-fill-seal machine provides production rates of up to 15 periods each minute. This machine can certainly produce a number of package deal types, including adaptable, foil-foil, vacuum and ambient altered ambiance, and much more. Developed for hard clean-straight down environments, the Integrity is modular with regards to offering meat, chicken, and dairy businesses the opportunity to select solely those functions best for his or her functioning. This machine satisfies USDA, meat, poultry and dairy and three-A hygienic standards.

The 500im sporadic motion drip resilient stretch over wrapper is ideal for reddish meat, pork and poultry and create packers that are looking a quality end-close off machine with an entry-degree price. The 500im characteristics a wide open stainless framework, many different regular functions, as well as a wrap price as high as 35 containers each minute.


electro-pneumatic film control method

Axon, powered by Professional Mach, will have an integrated method for tamper obvious music group programs presented at SupplySide West 2014, October 8-9 in Vegas. The integrated method includes an EZ-100 applicator coupled with a Thermoray heat tunnel. Axon will also be displaying the EZ-100’s fast changeover capabilities from tamper group to full body sleeve program and also the efficiency of EZ-100 applicators in both these applications. (Axon Booth # 19146)

The EZ-100 arrives filled with an electro-pneumatic film management system that permits quick and easy changeover to several box sizes and shapes with out expensive tooling adjustments – a perfect remedy for businesses with multiple SKUs. The distinctive guillotine knife method cuts film measures precisely to get a high-quality look. The EZ-100 comes normal with an Allen-Bradley PLC plus an user-friendly owner interface for quick procedure.

The Thermoray shrink tunnel utilizes infra-red heating system components having an integrated enthusiast to make sure even temperature distribution and uniform shrinkage. Sturdy construction and extremely simple controls will give you many years of problems-free procedure.

General, the EZ-100 and Thermoray mixture is really a sound tamper obvious answer within a compact footprint. Each machines have cantilevered support frames to enable them to be easily integrated into existing orbital stretch wrapper packaging lines.

Confirmed design, couple of relocating parts, and stainless steel development make sure these wrapping machines is going to be operating for many years even just in by far the most challenging surroundings.


by purchasing purportedly uneconomic items

The government’s own estimates confirm that the environmental benefits are negligible and are often outweighed by the societal costs they impose, although politicians frequently claim energy-efficiency regulations reduce pollution.

So, says Ted Gayer, co-director of economic studies at the Brooking Institution, a liberal think tank. Communicating before the Subcommittee on Energy and Power of the home Commerce and Energy Committee, Gayer professed regulators have deviated from well-set up concepts of expense-benefit evaluation to warrant pricey vitality effectiveness regulations by asserting that consumers and companies are making “irrational purchase alternatives.” To make the mathematics work, regulators declare consumers benefit from federal government mandates that restrict option.

Gayer says usually the one-dimension-suits-all philosophy of power effectiveness mandates ignore the significant assortment of choices, monetary resources, and private circumstances that firms and consumers must align to help make their decisions. Interestingly, Gayer also says that power effectiveness mandates do not promote efficiency. They reduced the expense of utilizing an product, reversing a number of the vitality savings.

For example, he states, a power performance standard for air conditioners increases the bonus to run the environment conditioners much longer. Moreoever, energy efficiency requirements use simply to new items, which could generate rewards for consumers and firms to keep old (and thus less power-effective) items.

Overall, Gayer claims government regulators behave like they may be much better at judging how buyers ought to put money into devices and vehicles than are customers on their own. And several regulations will cost more than they save, Gayer states. “(Researcher) Kip Viscusi and i also evaluated several current federal government rules that mandate power performance requirements for vehicles and appliances,” claims Gayer. “Despite the fact that these restrictions are usually touted as pollution-decreasing endeavours, the agencies’ own quotes confirm the ecological benefits are negligible and they are often dwarfed by the societal costs they demand. If product choices are restricted to those that meet the agencies’ mandated standards., in order to justify these expensive regulations, the agencies assert that consumers and firms are making irrational purchase choices and that they therefore benefit”

Dismissing buyer personal preferences as irrational is actually a substantial leaving from standard economic pondering, states Gayer. “By declaring regulatory advantages from the modification of so-referred to as ‘consumer irrationality,’ agencies are changing regulatory goals from the crucial aim of reducing the hurt men and women impose on others (by means of toxins) for the nebulous and unsupported objective of reducing harm people trigger to themselves by getting purportedly uneconomic items,” mentioned Gayer. “This shift from environment security to buyer protection generates a host of pricey regulations that are far less efficient compared to a government policy that simply units a value for toxins. Additionally, it determines a dangerous precedent: If agencies can rationalize rules around the unsubstantiated premise that firms and consumers (although not regulators) are irrational, they can justify the large utilization of regulatory powers to manage and constrain nearly all alternatives consumers and firms make.”


programming and marking solutions for wrapping

ID Modern technology – operated by Professional Mach, a leading provider of labeling, coding and marking solutions, will likely be featuring a high speed cover labeling system from LSI, their Labeling System and Integration arm, at Pack Expo International; presentation area N-5406.

The system can do using a label at speeds of 200 items per minute or more. A feedscrew is utilized to give products into the system and a cover buckle moves the item alongside a back again-up platter, wrapping the label round the circumference of the product.

Prior to tag program an Identification Technologies Small 32d Energy Exchange Overprinter can be used print lot and expiration time information about every label. A eyesight method along with a luminescence indicator are used to verify the whole lot and expiration day details which a tag is present on the product. Goods with terrible or missing tags are monitored with the program for the refuse station. Products that complete all assessments move on the downstream conveyor through part exchange.

Graphical user interface towards the manage system is two full colour touch screen HMIs. All controls are Allen-Bradley and PackML certified. Changeover is recipe powered.

About Pro Mach

Pro Mach is actually a top supplier of incorporated orbital stretch wrapper processing and packaging solutions and products forfood and beverage, customer goods, pharmaceutical, and other diverse businesses. Via multiple brands, Pro Mach offers item orbital stretch wrapper packaging and digesting equipment, PMMI licensed instructors,installation and parts, and service in Bottling & Capping, Main orbital stretch wrapper packaging, Adaptable orbital stretch wrapper packaging, Substance Managing, Id And Monitoring, and Finish of Line orbital stretch wrapper packaging.

Professional Mach features a different subscriber base, from Lot of money 500 organizations to smaller, privately-held businesses around the world, which depend upon reliable, versatile, highly advanced equipment and incorporated alternatives. Professional Mach is headquartered close to Cincinnati, Ohio with producing facilities and offices through the UnitedStates and Canada, and The european union.