Strapping System For Paper-Pile

Stacked paper vertical strapping

Stacked paper vertical strapping refers to a method of bundling together stacks of paper using a vertical strap. This can be done manually or with a machine.

To manually strap paper stacks together, you will need a roll of strapping material (such as plastic or metal) and a buckle or seal to secure the strap.

To begin, place the stack of paper on a stable surface and position the strap around the center of the stack. Pull the strap tight and secure it in place using the buckle or seal. Repeat this process for any additional stacks of paper that need to be strapped.

There are also machines available that can automatically strap stacks of paper together. These machines typically use a roll of strapping material and a mechanism to secure the strap in place. The stacks of paper are placed on a conveyor belt and are automatically strapped as they move through the machine.

Vertical strapping is often used in the shipping and distribution of paper products, such as newspapers, magazines, and books. It is a cost-effective and efficient way to keep stacks of paper together and prevent them from becoming damaged during transport.


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Strapping Machine for bricks & blocks

Different Strapping Machines for bricks & blocks applications.

There are mainly 2 different strappin methods for bricks and clocks stacking pallets from FHOPE packing team.

  • 1. Vertical strapping of stacked bricks and blocks

Vertical strapping is a method of reinforcing stacked bricks or blocks by using metal straps or bands that are applied vertically to the sides of the stack. The straps provide additional support and stability to the stack, helping to prevent it from collapsing or shifting.

To apply vertical strapping, the straps are typically placed around the sides of the stack at regular intervals, with the top and bottom straps being positioned close to the top and bottom of the stack. The straps are then tightened using a tensioning tool, such as a ratchet or torque wrench, to apply a uniform tension to the straps.

Vertical strapping is often used in the construction of retaining walls, chimneys, and other structures that require additional stability and support. It can be especially useful in situations where the bricks or blocks are stacked to a significant height, or where the stack is subjected to high loads or other external forces.

  • 2. Horizontal strapping of stacked bricks and blocks

Horizontal strapping of stacked bricks and blocks refers to the practice of securing a stack of bricks or blocks together with horizontal straps or bands. This is typically done to ensure that the bricks or blocks stay in place and do not shift or collapse. There are a few different ways to perform horizontal strapping:

Using metal straps: Metal straps are typically made of steel and can be bent to fit around the stack of bricks or blocks. They are then tightened using bolts or screws.

Using wire ties: Wire ties can be used to secure a stack of bricks or blocks together. These ties are made of wire and are tightened using a wire-tying tool.

Using adhesive: Some builders use adhesive to secure a stack of bricks or blocks together. This is typically done by applying a thin layer of adhesive between the bricks or blocks and then allowing it to dry.

Regardless of the method used, the goal of horizontal strapping is to provide additional stability and support to the stack of bricks or blocks, helping to prevent them from shifting or collapsing.


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Economy automatic strapping machine with PP

An economy automatic strapping machine for PP strapping. Easy operation and simple maintenance.
It is suitable for strapping on automatic packing line. It can realize high speed strapping with cycle speed 27 straps/min.
This type of machine adopts advanced design technology. It has the characteristics of high precision, high strength, wear resistance and low noise.

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Automatic strapping machine for copper coil

This is a kind of strapping machine specially designed for various metal coil such as copper coil, steel coil, aluminium coil etc. The product is introduced via a roll conveyor. Also the rotating table is composed of 3 or 4 tapered rollers driven by separate motors. When the photo senor detect the product, the feeding conveyor stops and the rotating table would be lifted via pneumatic cylinders. The machine starts strapping activity while the table is in rotating. After strapping completed, product would be released and keep conveying and tapered rollers drops.

copper strapping machine


Watch the following video for your reference.

Pallet wrapping machine

the rotary arm stretch wrapping machine for pallet

Electro-Place Rotary Tower pallet wrapper, is really a sturdy wrapper created, supported and manufactured to provide difficulty free of charge functioning

Function of Procedure

The pallet fill is positioned beneath the rotary arm of the wrapper Electro-Cover stretch wrapping machine. The film is automatically connected to the pallet weight and starts off the stretch wrapping routine .The rotary arm moves round the fixed weight as the EZ-LOAD? film pre-stretch unit expands the film from 150 to 300Percent (200Percent standard). Once the cover routine is finished, the device clamps, cuts and baby wipes the film to the pallet. The pallet is now able to eliminated and also the period recurring.

Weightyresponsibility, welded steel development (no plastic material sections) designed for longevity

Eco friendly Natural powder Covered paint

Up to 15 RPM rotary arm can deliver 25-40 lots per hour

Machine Control Features

Cycle pause attribute

Best film above wrap management function (TOC)*

Electronic film stress modification control on management panel

Safety eyesight halts left arm rotation in emergencies

Carriage pause management

Handbook manage for rotary left arm

Positive house place positioning

Film Shipping Program

EZ-Weight? film pre-stretch dispenser for 25” film moves

Anti-fixed film rollers with manufacturer’s life time warrantee

Film pre-stretch capability from completely to 300% stretch element (200Per cent standard)

Dancer nightclub adjustable area payment

Photograph electric weight height sensing

Top film more than wrap manage attribute (TOC)*

Paperwork Included with this Machine

ARPAC gives one backup of their Top Rated Operation & Upkeep Guide, such as colour illustrations, with each machine (A Compact disc model might be substituted upon demand).

Guides are stretch wrapping machine-certain and supply information about pallet wrapping machinemaintenance and function, bought component paperwork, safety and operating methods (which includes highlighted examples).

A far more comprehensive explanation of the Functioning & Servicing handbook offered with this pallet wrapping machine is situated in stretch wrapper .

It is an automatic strapping machine, . This device includes a solid style, and a system control built-in with conveyor lines. It is made from stainless-steel and runs on a 400-V, 50-Hz energy. It contains the Fhope 400 strap dispenser for strapping tapes, a fairly neutralbody weight strap getaway, a strap accumulator, and a leadingmounted closing head. Its strap lance are changeable to fulfill particular demands.

The totally automated pallet strapping machine  is stable, efficient and environmentally pleasant. Equipped with a Soni ultrasonic sealing system, it bears ca’s own technologies tag GET Within. Preferably suited for logistic processes and thanks for the optimized orbital stretch wrapper machine condition, the  quickly and dependably straps voluminous deals of numerous sizes. A strap stress balance program distributes the strap pressure equally throughout the complete bundle, which can be an advantage particularly for rigorous products. The strap pressure is the same at each and every reason for strapping, ensuring trustworthy stableness. Thanks to improved elements like the incredibly slim sealing leading platen, pallets of numerous reloading altitudes provide no worries. The orbital stretch machine flexibly bands diverse plenty. The securing top platen manufactured from page metallic is light-weight and quickly. Simultaneously it takes much less vitality to operate. Using a single base framework for that feeding process, the modular development demonstrates specifically ideal for the client. The Orbital stretch wrapper’s conveyor elevation is flexibly adjustable and also the orbital stretch machine can be easily integrated into current creation lines. Customers who spot particular value on even faster strapping can optionally upgrade their machine with a High-speedprocedure (HS).


Strapping machine and pallet wrapping machine


strapping machine, orbital stretch wrapper
strapping machine + orbital stretch wrapper

Strapping machine:


The strapping machine, made by Chinese company, is an auto strap loop ejection that comes with a rapid strap coil modify. It features a handled strap track process that is clear of dress in. In addition, it features a warmth-weld sealing program containing a digital temp handle. Additionally, it comes with a powerful feet pedal which is used for starting the pattern.
Orbital stretch wrapper:
That is with extremely speed and effective gear to your packaging 

answer. The Horizontal orbital wrapping machine put in by Fhope are completely manufactured and designed inside one of many several producing sites. The company’s influence inside the markets is introduced on technological belongings: understanding of wrapping, the complementary of action, the chance to control turnkey finishes of range adding abilities like conveying, stacking, strapping and wrapping the ability to recommend alternatives by any means generation charges of speed and finally admiration for the things and the caliber of the completed merchandise packaging.

Orbital Wrapping Machine Fhope-E100 Fhope-E200 Fhope-E300
Voltage (V/Hz) AC 380/50( or your requirement)
Power  (KW) 1.5 2.8 6.5
 Bunlde OD(mm) 50-300 100-800 300-1500
Pipe Length(mm) 1200-4000 2000-6000 2000-6000
Bundle Weight(Kg) 50-300 100-1000 100-4000
Packing material PE/Stretch film/knit belt/VCI paper
Turning speed(r/min) 30-80 30-70 30-60
Wrapping speed 2-12m/min 2-10m/min 2-9m/min
Overlapping rate 20-90%



Strapping machine construction and easy operations

Corp. is currently providing the new evolutionary, ROM-Fusion, highgood quality, competitively priced, entrylevel automatic strapping machine. Well suited for strapping smaller sized bundles and packages, the new ROM-Combination is based on the established ROM system released inside the 1970’s and developed within the last forty years. The ROM Sequence is seen as a its tough reliability, construction and easy operations.

Retailers, circulation facilities and logistics organizations have praised the small ROM sequence strapping machines for many years. This new version once again demonstrates the technological market leadership of Mosca products. Nicely established and proven in the field, the Standard 3 sealing device, in the past accessible only in higherperformance machines, is currently common in the new ROM-Fusion. The central travel has been replaced by several decentralized DC engines. This provides several positive aspects. Important features, which includes strap anxiety and feed, or strap return can be adjusted to fulfill customer specifications and optimized for that particular program. The primary travel of these characteristics entirely eliminates the requirement for using parts, which include straps, chains and clutches. These functions give rise to very attractive maintenancefriendly procedure.

The ROM-Combination can strap for a price as high as 55 bands each and every minute despite having 5 mm strap. This is certainly best when two operators are feeding simultaneously from your back and front from the machine. The ROM-Combination is acceptable for offers up to 600 millimeters great and 800 mm vast. The straightforward strap supply process can make coil adjustments effortless.

The brand new ROM-Combination is Mosca’s way of addressing the requirements entrystage consumers who are unwilling to forfeit high quality. The machine is predicted to draw in the eye of consumers in Asia, America and Europe.

EAM provides a full line of semi-automatic, operator and automaticmuch less strapping systems for several business segments, which include image artistry, corrugated, food, distribution, logistics and containers. The organization is headquartered in Hazle Township, USA and PA and was launched in 1982. Producing services for plastic-type material strapping and machine solutions are placed in Toronto and Pennsylvania. Sales and service places of work are located throughout The United States, Mexico with representatives and agreement providers in Central and South United states.


conveyorized strapping system with rotary arm stretch wrapper

ISO 9001: 2008 qualified manufacturer of strapping. Varieties such as polyester, polypropylene and steel strapping. Different functions consist of rust, UV and moisture opposition, advantage conditioned and near tolerances. Polypropylene strapping has the capacity to mildew to curves of unusualshaped or irregular designed packages. Numerous programs incorporate bundling, brick, other panel items and wood. 

Video depiciting an entire conveyorized strapping system with rotary arm stretch wrapper packaging palletized loads.The

Science of Strap ChoiceA

White-colored Document presented by Samuel Strapping Techniques to offer you an improved comprehension of the proper strapping to be used for the packaging of

Northern America’s leading suppliers and manufacturers of strapping equipment and machinery, is partnering with some other sawmills around the region to pursue the ideal method of obtaining lumber for possibly the dry kiln or storage space: Polyester strapping. Deformation of loaded eco-friendly wood during kiln drying out expenses sawmills considerable amounts of money in degraded labor and material, in addition to posing safety and fireplace hazards through the entire center. BeforeDeformation of

stacked eco-friendly lumber throughout kiln drying charges sawmills substantial levels of money in degraded labor and material, in addition to posing safety and fire risks through the entire facility. Previously, mills have used cement slabs or hydraulically-actuated kiln-mounted plates, to restricted good results. Definite slabs are harmful, and hydraulic plates can only be applied in particular services. 

Neither of them of those solutions is great for wood provides put into highercapability constant dried out kilns, that are in continuous action and at dangerous of boards falling off. Dropped boards could ignite and trigger outstanding damage.Samuel Strapping

Methods handled sawmills having a different solution-polyester strapping. This practical and expenseeffective solution is less dangerous than cement obstructs and much more mobile phone than installed dishes, and much more good at reducing the amount of twisted, uneven, and warped pieces in every stack. 

Over time, Samuel Strapping Methods and its partnering mills have witnessed good results. Polyester strapping placed on eco-friendly lumber offers increases the postdrying produce because the strapping secures the lumber on all four ends. On the safety front side, polyester strapping removes the potential risk of dropping items as well as the producing safety and fire hazards. When used in combination with appropriate gear, polyester strapping keeps bundle reliability from the sawmill right through to the planer mill without dropped panels.Sawmills

across the country are generating the change to polyester strapping, and Samuel Strapping Methods is glad to help them for making their operations safer, more effective, and a lot more rewarding.Samuel Strapping

Techniques is among Canada’s major vendors of business packaging supplies and solutions. Their goods include numerous businesses, including the forestry,metals and container, and print out, and have a complete selection of packaging solutions such as strapping, stretch wrapping, coding and marking, and baling.


Pallet strapping machines ensure consistent strap load

Strapping machine, pallet packing machine
Strapping machine, pallet packing machine

Pallet strapping machines ensure consistent strap load and placement integrity for top manufacturing programs. Obtainable in semi- and fullyautomatic versions, Chinese power strapping machines can be incorporated into new or current creation lines to maximize productiveness for many different applications, including baling, bundling, carton closing and unitizing.
Patented, jam-resistant modern technologyThe Strapping machineis designed to provide you with the most jam-resistant technologies available. Its distinctive design and style allows the Strapping machine to continue cycling in scenarios that frequently cause strap jams in other machines.

Effortless coil reloadingThe Strapping machines

flexible style makes strap coil loading simpler than ever before. packing material Coil will pay off in either path, removing the incidences of mistake and down time connected with improper strap reloading.

Impressive, completely accessible strap course

Around the Strapping machine, increasing the easy-to-open tabletop reveals the chute. The Strapping machine features full access to the strap path, by lifting an easy to reach guide.