orbital stretch wrapper

orbital stretch wrapper for panel and door

Panel packing machine
Panel packing machine & orbital stretch wrapper


  1. Brief introduction

The shrink wrapping machine all conform to CE guidelines and have been designed using the latest technology and design criteria for industrial use.


The JLPACK provides orbital stretch wrapper packaging solutions for the window industry. Our commitment to the industry has resulted in the development of innovative, cost efficient products that address problems like loose, irregular packaging. Our sales, equipment service, customer service and engineering departments can help you design the optimum protective packaging system for your application.


Automatic Sealing and Shrinking Machine for wood board & window & door with full sides packaging.


  1. Features
  • Automatic Sealing Station and orbital stretch wrapper:


  • Lengthways sealing.
  • The height of the sealing is adjustable.
  • Smokeless sealing and packing material residual free.
  • Speed of the sealing is adjustable according difference packing material.
  • Conveyors driven by motor with gear box.
  • Speed of the conveyors is adjustable.
  • Sensor detecting the objects for operation action.
  • Automatic center orientation device to regulate products’ center.
Info Pallet wrapping machine

automatic horizontal stretch wrapper

The main performance and structure characteristics:
In English display control system, stainless steel body, only the parameters are set at the display setting unit (Dai Chang), the control system will automatically optimize and match the actions, thus achieving the best horizontal stretch wrapper packing speed.
2 Double light source photoelectric detection system is stable and reliable, to ensure complete logo bags.
3horizontal stretch wrapper temperature control. Automatic measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, printing, cutting and counting all the work; by three side seal double side heating or four sides sealing heat sealing mode (can also be customized back seal).
The scope of application:
Suitable for screws, nuts, fasteners, hardware small parts etc..
The main technical parameters:
Production capacity: 30-70bag/min
Measuring range: 1-8 particle (can be customized multi particle)
The bag size: length (L) of 20-120mm???? wide (W) 50-85mm
Total power: 1KW
Net weight: 150KG?
Power supply voltage: 380V? 50Hz?? 50-60Hz?? 220V?
Packing material: paper / polyethylene, polyester / nylon / polyethylene aluminum foil / PE, etc.
Size: 1270 (L) * 945 (W) * 1616 (H) mm
* Electronic logic circuit system of the newly developed, can improve the speed and accuracy of the machine;
* Machine can achieve unmanned packing, also can control the whole process of single package, easy to use;
* According to customer requirements, customized 1-5 channel bundling, speed: 2 seconds / road;
* Unique aluminum alloy stent, mechanical structure of the most novel, oil free;
* Electrical components selected international brands, the whole horizontal stretch wrapper machine is stable and reliable quality.
Automatic strapping machine of well-known foreign imported parts, the horizontal stretch wrapping machine has the advantages of simple operation, high work efficiency, energy saving, high quality, packaging advantages of low failure rate, long service life; mainly for the commercial, postal, railway, bank, food, medical, publications issuing etc..


supplies inside the stretch wrapper machine


1.Auto Attach Counting and Packing Machine

2.CE authorized

3. Higher Preciseness and speed

4.Dietary fiber counting machine

MK-LS4 NEW MACHINE Auto Screw Checking and Packing Machine

1.Very competitive price,top quality.

We are Maker, can provide discounted price, effective and quick shipping and delivery.

2.Expert research & development,produce

Our company incorporated item services, production, development, sales and designing right into a whole.

3.Rigid Quality Management method

All of the machine modify accroding to customer’s requirment. All the machine are passed strict testing before packing and delivery to clients, with guaranteed product quality.

Relevant for the mixed orbital stretch wrapper packaging of supplies in numerous commercial : such as fastening market (screws, screw almonds, and flat pats and so on.); Equipment business (computer hardware components, tiny equipment, and so forth.); plastic and rubber industry (plastic-type and small pieces of rubber , and so on.); house Electric powered appliance industry (different electric add-ons and parts, and so on.); Car industry (Different add-ons, spare parts, and so forth.); Residence supplying Market (bathroom and units add-ons, towel clothing collection, plastic material components, home furniture elements, etc.) ,and elements with a unique form can also be tailored .

PLC management system may be controlled easily , it really is appropriate for single supplies or several materials bundle.

2. The unit includes a personal-analysis work to ensure that it alarms , the agreement device in the linear vibrates, and a precise keeping track of control gadget from the stroke from the alternative fiber to guarantee the accuracy of every case.

3. Patent modern technology: several components can be optionally supply.

4. The unit is securely closed with a good property of sealing and a smooth and beautiful case condition ; strong and durable , using the substantial packing performance, can add venting device m thermal printer , completed merchandise conveyor , recheck weigher .

5. Recognize or turn off automatically , when lacking components or without materials within the stretch wrapper machine . Every feeder device and be opened up or sealed to assist in the requirements of creation .

6. Recognize the automatic positioning, automatic checking, packing, printing, creation batch number, etc.

7. Higher precision PID modification, make sure the caliber of diverse materials securing.

8. Achieve function of organizing components , checking , bag filling , producing time and so forth instantly .


Brotary auto cushion food packaging stretch wrapping machine

automated cushion food packaging and stretch wrapping machine

range of Program

Appropriate forbiscuits and rice, snowfall cake, pie, chocolate and bread immediate noodles, moonmedicines and cake, everyday requirements, industrial components, paper boxes or containers, and other normal items packaging


1. Double inverter control, handbag size may be establishing and slicing, without air cooling.

2. Man-machine graphical user interface, handy parameter environment.

3. Self-diagnostics, mistake is visible instantly.

4. Substantial sensitivity photoelectric eye shade tracing, electronic feedback minimize placement making the cutting place better.

5. Temperature impartial PID manage, and fitted to many different packaging components

6. Positioned quit function, with out adhering blade or wasting film.

7. Powertrain easy, it trustworthy, handy servicing

8. All manage content software to facilitate the purpose of restructuring and technological upgrading, by no means backward.

Technical info




Film size

Max. 320mm

Handbag size

65-190 or 120-280mm

90-220 or 150-330mm

Case Width


Merchandise height



Film roll diameter

Max. 320mm

Packing speed

40-230 handbag/minutes



Overall Size


Excess weight



Optional air products

For warrantee parts and service:

**1 calendar year warranty.

**Inside of warrantee period of time, all swaps as a result of problems cost nothing and present matainece service forever extended (Buyer is mainly responsible for shipping and delivery fees).

**beyond warrantee period ,all the support are certainly not available .


Patent modern technology in packaging

3. Patent technologies: several materials can be optionally supply.

4. The device is strongly sealed with a great house of sealing as well as a beautiful and smooth handbag shape ; durable and strong , using the high packing efficiency, may add venting device m energy computer printer , done product conveyor , recheck weigher .

5. Detect or turn off immediately , when missing materials or without having materials in the machine . Every feeder unit and be opened up or closed to facilitate the needs of production .

6. Realize the automated positioning, auto keeping track of, packing, stamping, creation set number, etc.

7. Substantial accuracy PID modification, make sure the quality of different substance closing.

8. Achieve purpose of arranging components , counting , bag filling up , production date and so forth immediately .

Optional Devices:

Date html coding machine

Specialized information:

Measurement range

in accordance with the actual parts

Case length


Handbag thickness


Creation ability

30-70 totes/ min

Complete Energy


Web weight


Air flow usage

40 L / Minutes .75Ma

orbital stretch wrapper packaging materials

composite membrane layer supplies, light weight aluminum foil


L800 × W700 × H1650mm


Electric specs stretch wrapper

Today’s warehousing market is transforming substantially compared to ten years back. These changes have the potential to influence the whole provide chain, such as the orbital stretch wrapper packaging functions of merchandise producers.

1. Increased quantity of SKUs

The development of e-commerce and m-business, supposed to represent 10% in the retail sales by 2017, has changed the every day procedures of warehouses and distribution centres (DCs) by generating a significant improve of stock-keeping devices (SKUs) as customers need more and more customization. Also, many DCs have recently numerous shipping dimensions, in one tiny situation to your total blended pallet.

This multiplication of SKUs is modifying the normal operations of manufacturing facilities and the complete provide sequence. Using this new fact, the choosing and filling up actions are more complicated to do, for that reason higher priced. If we add the trend of “mass personalization,” like offering gift wrapping, the complexity of these operations will continue to increase.

2. Expansion and new development

From 2009 to 2014, the content dealing with business continues to grow by 75% whilst the gross household item (GDP) only altered by 10%. It appears that the warehouse and distribution middle business continue to outperform the worldwide United states economic climate for your coming years. In accordance with the 2013 Motorola Stockroom Perspective Questionnaire , 35Percent from the respondents want to improve the amount of manufacturing facilities and circulation facilities whilst 38% plan to increase their measurements.

3. Automation (inbound and outbound)

Through the same Motorola questionnaire, 70% logistics procedures anticipate committing much more in automation. The inbound and outbound places both are part of the leading priorities for automation because there is still a significant portion of handbook labor involved there. Knowing the trouble to find the correct personnel, automation is definitively a choice organizations will seriously consider.


Nice seal off stretch wrapper

The size and shape from the creating tube is one of the most significant bits of details a filler supplier demands in designing a system to combine having a type/load/seal off machine. The speed and amount in which the merchandise could be loaded is dependent largely around the diameter of the auger, and that is certainly dictated from the diameter and shape from the creating pipe.

Easy physics is needed in figuring out the fill price. Obviously, the greater the creating tube, the greater merchandise that can be dispensed in just one auger revolution. For instance, an auger which is 2.5 ins in diameter provides 12.27 cubic inches of product per revolution, whilst an auger that is simply a one half in . bigger in size offers 24.74 cubic inches of item for each innovation-that is double the amount.

How big the forming pipe is of excellent interest for the filling up machine vendor due to the fact they wish to know how much area they must work together with within that hose. Knowing this up front allows the supplier to determine if the specified speed can be met for the designed pouch size. If it does not, either the bag needs to be redesigned to a larger size or speed requirements must be reduced.

It is additionally important to assess the stream features for each merchandise to get packed. In general, goods are free running or non-free flowing, and every demands a different tooling set up. In some cases, items could be a little of equally, and the outcome is everything from an occasional drip to a steady stream of item moving after the auger has accomplished its routine. This could require a tooling create that demands a clam casing cut off, a cone shut down or even the latest modern technology: vacuum shut down. All 3 of these specific tooling set up ups occupy additional area in the forming hose, causing the dimensions of the auger, and therefore the output pace, to get reduced.


Safety and traceability

2. Basic safety and traceability

Inside the in close proximity to beverage, food and future plants will deal with much more rigid federal security and traceability guidelines. Maximized info can lessen loss and stay the difference among internally recalling a pallet that hasn’t eliminated out and achieving to publicly move rear a week’s production. Cutting edge automation and equipment systems, like the Tetra PlantMaster, provides the ability to trace a uncooked element from your industry or farm in which it absolutely was originated, by means of shipping and delivery, the development process, on the vehicles leaving the warehouse and to the final location on racks and consumers’ homes. In this age of social networking, a remember are capable of doing enduring harm to a brand with devastating velocity.

3. Performance

It’s not surprising that newer machines run faster, but the gains in recent years may have plant owners crunching the numbers and struggling to keep production lines current. Five years ago, lines were digesting 5,000 to 6,000 aseptic cartons an hour. Now they are able to do approximately 24,000, with the following milestone in eyesight: 40,000 devices per hour. These modern machines use less energy and water, saving cash and developing a reduced carbon dioxide footprint as additional rewards.

In fact, speed is vital. Upgrading aged, slower running lines, with modern substantial-velocity lines may be used to minimize operational expense yet keep throughput. Alternately,
s can increase throughput using the same plant square footage, given that two high-speed lines will usually easily fit into exactly the same room as 3 old lines. If the upfront processing capacity-notably mixing and blending-can’t be sped up accordingly, but adding more orbital stretch wrapper packaging capacity becomes a moot point. Effectiveness is becoming so crucial that professional contacting solutions can be found to assist producers improve their plants regarding production, environmental and costs impact.

It’s not hard to find out why increased grow efficiency is not any. 1 on Tetra Pak’s eight tendencies that will dominate the food and beverage industry by means of 2020.

4. Flexibility

A progressively aggressive food and beverage environment signifies that line versatility may be as essential as performance in some instances. That’s because it allows manufacturers to react quickly to maximize differentiation from competitor products, increase variety in a brand’s offerings and meet consumer demands, while at the same time avoiding costly reinvestment in capital equipment. Flexibility and capability have been positioned as increasing numbers of important factors than manufacturing capacity and efficiency for more than 56% from the IDC Production Information survey respondents.


Numerous car owners of wrapper

Numerous motorists

Consumer demands for improved variety, at their most basic degree, indicate running smaller sized batches of multiple even, sizes and formulations orbital stretch wrapper packaging kinds-projects that usually decrease grow efficiency and increase waste.

Product safety is taking on new proportions as well. Using the super pace that information journeys today-by word of mouth marketing or social media marketing-brands as well as their producing companions need to do their utmost to prevent impurities from coming into the meals source. Essential is quickly comprehending and isolating any issues that do happen. For producers, becoming answerable requires increased traceability abilities.

But merchandise protection goes beyond meals security. Additionally, it indicates protecting the fresh properties of at times sensitive 100 % natural ingredients in beverages and foods.

It is not enough to manufacture products faster, cheaper and with higher quality, as concern and awareness rises about depletion of our planet’s resources and our industry’s impact on climate change. Each of the affects of meals, from productive production of plants by means of every facet of their processing and orbital stretch wrapper packaging, should be optimized to eat the least quantity of assets (which is, water and energy), make the the very least feasible waste and minimize co2 footprints.

So what are some of the target areas to focus on as producers seek to optimize their plants and make hard choices about current and future priorities?

Several key locations are increased info methods, safety/traceability, a, efficiency and flexibility smaller sized-but-smarter workforce.


Incorporation of varied filler

1.For premade stretch wrapper packing

2.For packing Smooth,Stad-up,Zipper and Slider-zippe bag

3.Rotary packing

4.Doy packing

Rotary Packing Machine, Doypack Packing Machine Application:

-Powder: Wheat flour, broth – (By use auger System)

-Granule: Sugar, Seasoning – (By use Volumetric Determine or Scale

-Liquid: Detergent, Rinse and Shampoo Drinks – (By piston pump or rotary Pump)

-Mixture: Retort food- (By spiral pump motor or rotary Pump motor)

Packing Procedure:

1. stretch wrapper feeding conveyor And pickup the stretch wrapper

2. Date programming And Zipper open device (option)

3. Open up the foot of stretch wrapper, for personal remain stretch wrapper

4. stretch wrapper leading opening up

5. First, filling position

6. Second filling position (option)

7. First, sealing position

8. Second sealing position (cold seal) and stretch wrapper feed out conveyor

Standard Equipments:

-Handbag Infeed Conveyor

-Handbag starting blade with complete starting sensor

-P.I.D. temperatures controller

-Stainless-steel Building

-Graphical shade feel panel

-Release conveyor


1. Intermittent rotary machine with 8 Stations is made for managing Pre-created stretch wrapperes including Flat and Stand-up stretch wrapperes (with / without Zip)

2. Working and changing through Touch-screen.

3. Problem indication on the TOUCH SCREEN.

4. Sanitary Construction and Easy cleaning.

5. Top quality and longevity of machine component.

6. Incorporation of numerous filler, such as Auger filler weighting machine, volumetric doser, Water doser, Mixture doser as well as other specific doser.

7. Easy integration of peripheral devices.

Recommended Tools:

1. Zip opening and closing device

2. Second, filling position

3. Safety-guards with safety-changes

4. Date coder (Ribbon or Embossing or printer ink-jet type)

5. Deflator