Incorporation of varied filler

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1.For premade stretch wrapper packing

2.For packing Smooth,Stad-up,Zipper and Slider-zippe bag

3.Rotary packing

4.Doy packing

Rotary Packing Machine, Doypack Packing Machine Application:

-Powder: Wheat flour, broth – (By use auger System)

-Granule: Sugar, Seasoning – (By use Volumetric Determine or Scale

-Liquid: Detergent, Rinse and Shampoo Drinks – (By piston pump or rotary Pump)

-Mixture: Retort food- (By spiral pump motor or rotary Pump motor)

Packing Procedure:

1. stretch wrapper feeding conveyor And pickup the stretch wrapper

2. Date programming And Zipper open device (option)

3. Open up the foot of stretch wrapper, for personal remain stretch wrapper

4. stretch wrapper leading opening up

5. First, filling position

6. Second filling position (option)

7. First, sealing position

8. Second sealing position (cold seal) and stretch wrapper feed out conveyor

Standard Equipments:

-Handbag Infeed Conveyor

-Handbag starting blade with complete starting sensor

-P.I.D. temperatures controller

-Stainless-steel Building

-Graphical shade feel panel

-Release conveyor


1. Intermittent rotary machine with 8 Stations is made for managing Pre-created stretch wrapperes including Flat and Stand-up stretch wrapperes (with / without Zip)

2. Working and changing through Touch-screen.

3. Problem indication on the TOUCH SCREEN.

4. Sanitary Construction and Easy cleaning.

5. Top quality and longevity of machine component.

6. Incorporation of numerous filler, such as Auger filler weighting machine, volumetric doser, Water doser, Mixture doser as well as other specific doser.

7. Easy integration of peripheral devices.

Recommended Tools:

1. Zip opening and closing device

2. Second, filling position

3. Safety-guards with safety-changes

4. Date coder (Ribbon or Embossing or printer ink-jet type)

5. Deflator