Allen Bradley MicroLogix PLC control for packing machine

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Auto Doy Pouch Food orbital stretch wrapper packaging Machine

The entire line is made up of SD8-200 Counting-handbag orbital stretch wrapper packaging Machine, Checking Combination Gadget, TSZ-100 Bucket Lift, Feeder, Functioning System and Check Weigher.


Model GD8-200

Operating position 8-working place

Pouch materials Laminated film, PE, PP

Pouch design Stay-up bag, falt handbag

Pouch dimension W: 100-210mm L: 100-350mm (might be adaptable)

Speed ≤ 30 pouches/min(The rate depends upon the product standing and flling excess weight))

Voltage 380V 3phase 60Hz

Overall strength 4.5KW

Compress air .6m3/min(supply by user)

7. Product Process:

1. Giving bag

2. Programming date (Ribbon Coding)

3. Open up bag

4. Add instructions (optionally readily available)

5. Counting and Filling the tiny totes within the big a single

6. Compaction and vibrations

7. Exhausting air and sealing hand bags

8. Forming and Output packages.