orbital stretch wrapper manufacturer

The orbital stretch wrapper manufacturer provides the different orbital ring type packing machine for different load.



If you can not find the proper packing machine per your packaging goal from market,  you can try to contact with this comapny FHOPE. They can help to find out the solution. They have own team for customization and production.  The from small size to big size, from light object to heavy load, their have had the solution.  Following are some orbital stretch wrappers designed for wrap load Package OD.

orbital stretch wrapepr& spiral wrapping machinestretch film for orbital wrapper  conveyor of orbital wrap machine

      Different size machine                             Different packing material                              Different conveyor

film carriage of orbital stretch wrap machine

       Film Carriage

Videos for reference:

 orbital stretch wrapper  

In the vidoe, this is small machine for pipe bundle  wrapping. Manually adjusting the supportive rollers

There are cheap machine with wrapping station only that is able add the conveyor in your factory by your self.

 door orbital wrapping machine

Automatic stretch wrapper with special tension controller that is able keep the strong stretched tension for panel&door package…

For didfferent package, it may needs unique device to do a good wrapping. such as prees down device required for light products, transfer conveyor required for short length..

For heavy objects packaging: Such as steel tube, steel rod, aluminum profile, motor, reel…

There are PU conveyor, pvc BELT conveyor for package surface protection.

The loading point need to be designed per diffeent loading way, the crane, forkman, lifter asking for different conveyor device..

 orbital stretch wrapper for panel

Learing from your requirment,the solution is as attachment–automatic pipe bundle making line+horizontal stretch wrapper.
There are following point need special designing:
1. For Min.Length 30ft, there may be a problem between in conveying from feeding conveyor to outlet conveyor.
2. For brick feeding–please check the video”feet 1″ and it will be changing into up side feeding.
Customer’s inquiry:
I will check with our technical team for above solution and let you know soon.
Besides, there were machines supplied to CANADA. And there is a horizontal stretch wrapper for CANADIAN client in workshop almost finished Welcome to contact with me for
further information.

what I want:


1-      Quote for horizontal orbital wrapping (as per our bundle dimensions specs), include models, photos, dimensions, electrical requirements, etc.

2-      Layout of this horizontal orbital wrapping.

3-      Do you have orbital wrapping in the Montreal area (or anywhere else in Canada)?


The automatic pipe bundle is an interesting option, but I need the quote and some information on your horizontal orbital wrapping.


Welcome to contact with me for further information and visiting our company

For wide&height objects packaging, such as, pallet, panels, doors… There are bubble film covering device (option) for full size packaging requirement. Au

automatic sealer for cutting the film, even paper…

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orbital stretch wrapper

orbital stretch wrapper for panel and door

Panel packing machine
Panel packing machine & orbital stretch wrapper


  1. Brief introduction

The shrink wrapping machine all conform to CE guidelines and have been designed using the latest technology and design criteria for industrial use.


The JLPACK provides orbital stretch wrapper packaging solutions for the window industry. Our commitment to the industry has resulted in the development of innovative, cost efficient products that address problems like loose, irregular packaging. Our sales, equipment service, customer service and engineering departments can help you design the optimum protective packaging system for your application.


Automatic Sealing and Shrinking Machine for wood board & window & door with full sides packaging.


  1. Features
  • Automatic Sealing Station and orbital stretch wrapper:


  • Lengthways sealing.
  • The height of the sealing is adjustable.
  • Smokeless sealing and packing material residual free.
  • Speed of the sealing is adjustable according difference packing material.
  • Conveyors driven by motor with gear box.
  • Speed of the conveyors is adjustable.
  • Sensor detecting the objects for operation action.
  • Automatic center orientation device to regulate products’ center.

the orbital stretch machine


Orbital stretch wrapper
Orbital stretch wrapper and spiral wrapping machine

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The project has been changed so I will try to explain how is the process now:

  • First of all the bundle is wrapped with kraft in all the perimeter of the bundle and also the tail and the head.
  • Then the customer roller conveyor will displace the wrapped bundle to the orbital stretch machine position (do not care about this because is our work).
  • After strapping will be another wrapping line with stretch film to wrap all the perimeter and also the tail and the head.

We have your offer for stretch film with two different sealing system but I was thinking and I do not know if you can offer the next solution à a wrapping system which can cover the front face, both sides and tail face of the bundle and then the typical wrapping machine to wrap the bundle.

So please send us the offer of the wrapping Line with kraft paper and also an offer with my explanation of the previous line.

Also I would like to know which are your suppliers of the electric, pneumatic and hydraulic elements of the machines (if they are).

In the case you need more information feel free to contact with us.


orbital stretch wrapper and spiral wrapping machine


Orbital stretch wrapper
Orbital stretch wrapper and spiral wrapping machine

orbital stretch wrapper for panel


Yes, our company is the producer/manufacturer of corrugated pipe coils wrapping machine. Below pic. shown is just the machine we supplied for
orbital stretch wrapper Ltd in last year. It designed mainly for light and small hose coils’ package.
Following are the information you needed:
1. Technical Specification of the stretch wrapper Machine
—- The machine is customized, the machine technical specification is made according to your pipe coils.
2. Offer of the Machine. for wrapping corrugated pipes from 10mm to 50mm n rolls of 50mtrs each
—- We would like know more details of your pipe coils.
3. Video of the Machine working
—- This is the video link of wrapping machine working.
4. Delivery Period
—- It is about 35 days.
Sorry, i don’t remember what is the size of your corrugated pipe coils’ specification talked before days!
Could you tell me your coils size again as below? Then i can give the detail offer and machine technical specification to you.
1. coil specification

Pipe coil
2. what is the packing material do you use? LLDPE film, HDPE/PVC film, knit belt…
3. what is the production capacity of pipe coil per day ( 8 hours working time)?
Any question, pls feel free to let me know.

higher regularity energy steel coil packing

The diameter of roller for forming at bottom part: 90mm

2.4.3 welding device (mechanical component)

Manual roll remain: a single established (Be used for controlling course of weld seam)

Extruding roll stand for welding: two units (Be applied for managing weld seam to understand productive welding.)

2.4.4 Chilling device:

2.4.5 Sizing gadget:

The specification of sizing device:

Remain of curler volume Size of horizontal roll’s shaft substance

Horizontal roll remain 5 φ36mm 40Cr

Top to bottom roll stand 5 φ20mm 45#

The demand of sizing device because the ask for of creating gadget.

2.4.6 Straightening machine:

Utilization: It really is mostly employed for straightening of done pipe approximately on the internet.

2.5 Pc-handled slicing noticed:

Framework: set size personal computer-handled cutting

Method of Control: Air conditioning

The highest operating velocity from the vehicle: 80 m/min

Reducing size: φ8~φ25mm

Reducing density: -1.0mm

Slicing threshold: ~30 millimeters

Repaired size: 4~6m

The specs of the saw blade: φ350*3

Reducing engine: 3KW

(Prepare using the personal computer-handled keeping track of engine: 7.5KW)

Pneumatic program: .4~.7 Mpa

6. higher-regularity

1). product: GP100-.6-H

2). input power: 3P,380V,50Hz

3). Out set power: 100kw

4). management modeof out put energy: controlled by microprocessor

5). higher voltage rectifier: 20A

6). higher voltage transformer: 3,380V,180KVA

7). digital hose: FU-911S

8). transformer in the electronic hose shaking : 12V-AC

9).anode hydraulic pipe of digital hose : polythene strengthening tube

10).capacitor: CCG81-2000P-20KV


Slit Coil making and steel tube packing machine

stainless steel coil reducing machine production line is high-velocity and exact with workstations for uncoiling, measuring and straightening go across-slicing to duration and foldable. The automatic steel tube packing machine contains feeding pickup truck, assisting help, decoiler, hydraulic shear, leveler, stop obstruct, encoder scale, plate shearing machine, conveying desk, pneumatic stacker, output trolley, hydraulic program and so forth. The entire line is managed by PLC with personal computer exhibit. We mainly use personal computer-manage method of brands Siemens, Baumueller, Mitsubishi, Yaskawa and Delta and Schneider. The fullness for substance could be from .2MM to 25MM, size from 600MM to 2500MM, fill weight over 25T, reducing precision .5MM/M, line velocity 60M/Min. We can also add functions such as collecting and coating according to customer’s need. This line is highly automatic with great straightening result, précising cutting, efficient creation, reliable overall performance, easy maintenance and operation. In order to satisfy diverse requirements.

Cut To Durationautomatic steel tube packing Lines can perform leveling, uncoiling and measuring go across-slicing to duration and stacking function. It mainly includesleveler and uncoiler, determining encoder, shearer, conveyor and stacker hydraulic program, pneumatic method and electric system, and so on., the line can be sure of precise giving and shearing. It can be commonly used in chilly or very hot moving co2 metallic, tinplate, stainless and all the other types of steel supplies with area coating.Reduce to length line is handled by NC servo system. It provides PLC handled the length measurement. The information of size, shearing figures and velocity could be feedback towards the PLC systems. Once the need shearing amount is reached the line can quit instantly. The line pace could be adjusted, It features a encoder with high preciseness, and complete line could work immediately and work effortlessly, clean sheet can be created.


Trustworthy supplier Steel tube packing machine


EPE Foam Page Creation Line

1.Make foam page,tube,net,rod,user profile etc

2.Excellent EPE steel tube packaging machine


Speedy Details:

Problem: New

Application: Page

Plastic-type Highly processed: Polystyrene

Attach Design and style: Dual-screw

Automated Grade: Automated

Voltage: 380V

Power(W): 150KW

Measurement(L*W*H): 30000*4100*2800

Excess weight: 12T

Cooling down: by blowing wind or water

Item introduction:

This manufacturing line adopts increase-attach foam page extrusion modern technology. Playstation portable foam page is a kind of new-sort packing substance using the features of temperature safety, sanitation, preservation and good plasticity. It’s mostly utilized to make various meals storage containers, such as meal container, supper containers, dishes and so on by thermoforming. It is also can be used to make advertising board, commercial items packing etc. It has stable overall performance, large capability, high automation and yields top quality products.

Primary guidelines:






Applicable supplies

GPPS granule

Thickness of page



Thickness of sheet



Foaming price


Volume excess weight of product



Energy conductivity of item






Ranked power



Power source

a few phase 380v/50Hz

Outside aspect



Total excess weight



Paper moulding machine uses waste paper as raw material to produce different kinds of paper products according to your requirements, such as egg trays, dishes , egg cartons, boxes, apple trays, fruit trays, industrial trays, seeding trays etc.

Our steel tube packaging machine is actually a completely-auto machine line consist of pulp creating system ,creating system and drying out method. This is a complete machine line for you to maintain and operate.

The products produced by our machine are as much as the environmental specifications.

Welcome you to our manufacturer and that we will run machine line immediately for you.


supplies inside the stretch wrapper machine


1.Auto Attach Counting and Packing Machine

2.CE authorized

3. Higher Preciseness and speed

4.Dietary fiber counting machine

MK-LS4 NEW MACHINE Auto Screw Checking and Packing Machine

1.Very competitive price,top quality.

We are Maker, can provide discounted price, effective and quick shipping and delivery.

2.Expert research & development,produce

Our company incorporated item services, production, development, sales and designing right into a whole.

3.Rigid Quality Management method

All of the machine modify accroding to customer’s requirment. All the machine are passed strict testing before packing and delivery to clients, with guaranteed product quality.

Relevant for the mixed orbital stretch wrapper packaging of supplies in numerous commercial : such as fastening market (screws, screw almonds, and flat pats and so on.); Equipment business (computer hardware components, tiny equipment, and so forth.); plastic and rubber industry (plastic-type and small pieces of rubber , and so on.); house Electric powered appliance industry (different electric add-ons and parts, and so on.); Car industry (Different add-ons, spare parts, and so forth.); Residence supplying Market (bathroom and units add-ons, towel clothing collection, plastic material components, home furniture elements, etc.) ,and elements with a unique form can also be tailored .

PLC management system may be controlled easily , it really is appropriate for single supplies or several materials bundle.

2. The unit includes a personal-analysis work to ensure that it alarms , the agreement device in the linear vibrates, and a precise keeping track of control gadget from the stroke from the alternative fiber to guarantee the accuracy of every case.

3. Patent modern technology: several components can be optionally supply.

4. The unit is securely closed with a good property of sealing and a smooth and beautiful case condition ; strong and durable , using the substantial packing performance, can add venting device m thermal printer , completed merchandise conveyor , recheck weigher .

5. Recognize or turn off automatically , when lacking components or without materials within the stretch wrapper machine . Every feeder device and be opened up or sealed to assist in the requirements of creation .

6. Recognize the automatic positioning, automatic checking, packing, printing, creation batch number, etc.

7. Higher precision PID modification, make sure the caliber of diverse materials securing.

8. Achieve function of organizing components , checking , bag filling , producing time and so forth instantly .


Brotary auto cushion food packaging stretch wrapping machine

automated cushion food packaging and stretch wrapping machine

range of Program

Appropriate forbiscuits and rice, snowfall cake, pie, chocolate and bread immediate noodles, moonmedicines and cake, everyday requirements, industrial components, paper boxes or containers, and other normal items packaging


1. Double inverter control, handbag size may be establishing and slicing, without air cooling.

2. Man-machine graphical user interface, handy parameter environment.

3. Self-diagnostics, mistake is visible instantly.

4. Substantial sensitivity photoelectric eye shade tracing, electronic feedback minimize placement making the cutting place better.

5. Temperature impartial PID manage, and fitted to many different packaging components

6. Positioned quit function, with out adhering blade or wasting film.

7. Powertrain easy, it trustworthy, handy servicing

8. All manage content software to facilitate the purpose of restructuring and technological upgrading, by no means backward.

Technical info




Film size

Max. 320mm

Handbag size

65-190 or 120-280mm

90-220 or 150-330mm

Case Width


Merchandise height



Film roll diameter

Max. 320mm

Packing speed

40-230 handbag/minutes



Overall Size


Excess weight



Optional air products

For warrantee parts and service:

**1 calendar year warranty.

**Inside of warrantee period of time, all swaps as a result of problems cost nothing and present matainece service forever extended (Buyer is mainly responsible for shipping and delivery fees).

**beyond warrantee period ,all the support are certainly not available .


Patent modern technology in packaging

3. Patent technologies: several materials can be optionally supply.

4. The device is strongly sealed with a great house of sealing as well as a beautiful and smooth handbag shape ; durable and strong , using the high packing efficiency, may add venting device m energy computer printer , done product conveyor , recheck weigher .

5. Detect or turn off immediately , when missing materials or without having materials in the machine . Every feeder unit and be opened up or closed to facilitate the needs of production .

6. Realize the automated positioning, auto keeping track of, packing, stamping, creation set number, etc.

7. Substantial accuracy PID modification, make sure the quality of different substance closing.

8. Achieve purpose of arranging components , counting , bag filling up , production date and so forth immediately .

Optional Devices:

Date html coding machine

Specialized information:

Measurement range

in accordance with the actual parts

Case length


Handbag thickness


Creation ability

30-70 totes/ min

Complete Energy


Web weight


Air flow usage

40 L / Minutes .75Ma

orbital stretch wrapper packaging materials

composite membrane layer supplies, light weight aluminum foil


L800 × W700 × H1650mm