higher regularity energy steel coil packing

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The diameter of roller for forming at bottom part: 90mm

2.4.3 welding device (mechanical component)

Manual roll remain: a single established (Be used for controlling course of weld seam)

Extruding roll stand for welding: two units (Be applied for managing weld seam to understand productive welding.)

2.4.4 Chilling device:

2.4.5 Sizing gadget:

The specification of sizing device:

Remain of curler volume Size of horizontal roll’s shaft substance

Horizontal roll remain 5 φ36mm 40Cr

Top to bottom roll stand 5 φ20mm 45#

The demand of sizing device because the ask for of creating gadget.

2.4.6 Straightening machine:

Utilization: It really is mostly employed for straightening of done pipe approximately on the internet.

2.5 Pc-handled slicing noticed:

Framework: set size personal computer-handled cutting

Method of Control: Air conditioning

The highest operating velocity from the vehicle: 80 m/min

Reducing size: φ8~φ25mm

Reducing density: -1.0mm

Slicing threshold: ~30 millimeters

Repaired size: 4~6m

The specs of the saw blade: φ350*3

Reducing engine: 3KW

(Prepare using the personal computer-handled keeping track of engine: 7.5KW)

Pneumatic program: .4~.7 Mpa

6. higher-regularity

1). product: GP100-.6-H

2). input power: 3P,380V,50Hz

3). Out set power: 100kw

4). management modeof out put energy: controlled by microprocessor

5). higher voltage rectifier: 20A

6). higher voltage transformer: 3,380V,180KVA

7). digital hose: FU-911S

8). transformer in the electronic hose shaking : 12V-AC

9).anode hydraulic pipe of digital hose : polythene strengthening tube

10).capacitor: CCG81-2000P-20KV