higher regularity energy steel coil packing

The diameter of roller for forming at bottom part: 90mm

2.4.3 welding device (mechanical component)

Manual roll remain: a single established (Be used for controlling course of weld seam)

Extruding roll stand for welding: two units (Be applied for managing weld seam to understand productive welding.)

2.4.4 Chilling device:

2.4.5 Sizing gadget:

The specification of sizing device:

Remain of curler volume Size of horizontal roll’s shaft substance

Horizontal roll remain 5 φ36mm 40Cr

Top to bottom roll stand 5 φ20mm 45#

The demand of sizing device because the ask for of creating gadget.

2.4.6 Straightening machine:

Utilization: It really is mostly employed for straightening of done pipe approximately on the internet.

2.5 Pc-handled slicing noticed:

Framework: set size personal computer-handled cutting

Method of Control: Air conditioning

The highest operating velocity from the vehicle: 80 m/min

Reducing size: φ8~φ25mm

Reducing density: -1.0mm

Slicing threshold: ~30 millimeters

Repaired size: 4~6m

The specs of the saw blade: φ350*3

Reducing engine: 3KW

(Prepare using the personal computer-handled keeping track of engine: 7.5KW)

Pneumatic program: .4~.7 Mpa

6. higher-regularity

1). product: GP100-.6-H

2). input power: 3P,380V,50Hz

3). Out set power: 100kw

4). management modeof out put energy: controlled by microprocessor

5). higher voltage rectifier: 20A

6). higher voltage transformer: 3,380V,180KVA

7). digital hose: FU-911S

8). transformer in the electronic hose shaking : 12V-AC

9).anode hydraulic pipe of digital hose : polythene strengthening tube

10).capacitor: CCG81-2000P-20KV


Slit Coil making and steel tube packing machine

stainless steel coil reducing machine production line is high-velocity and exact with workstations for uncoiling, measuring and straightening go across-slicing to duration and foldable. The automatic steel tube packing machine contains feeding pickup truck, assisting help, decoiler, hydraulic shear, leveler, stop obstruct, encoder scale, plate shearing machine, conveying desk, pneumatic stacker, output trolley, hydraulic program and so forth. The entire line is managed by PLC with personal computer exhibit. We mainly use personal computer-manage method of brands Siemens, Baumueller, Mitsubishi, Yaskawa and Delta and Schneider. The fullness for substance could be from .2MM to 25MM, size from 600MM to 2500MM, fill weight over 25T, reducing precision .5MM/M, line velocity 60M/Min. We can also add functions such as collecting and coating according to customer’s need. This line is highly automatic with great straightening result, précising cutting, efficient creation, reliable overall performance, easy maintenance and operation. In order to satisfy diverse requirements.

Cut To Durationautomatic steel tube packing Lines can perform leveling, uncoiling and measuring go across-slicing to duration and stacking function. It mainly includesleveler and uncoiler, determining encoder, shearer, conveyor and stacker hydraulic program, pneumatic method and electric system, and so on., the line can be sure of precise giving and shearing. It can be commonly used in chilly or very hot moving co2 metallic, tinplate, stainless and all the other types of steel supplies with area coating.Reduce to length line is handled by NC servo system. It provides PLC handled the length measurement. The information of size, shearing figures and velocity could be feedback towards the PLC systems. Once the need shearing amount is reached the line can quit instantly. The line pace could be adjusted, It features a encoder with high preciseness, and complete line could work immediately and work effortlessly, clean sheet can be created.


Trustworthy supplier Steel tube packing machine


EPE Foam Page Creation Line

1.Make foam page,tube,net,rod,user profile etc

2.Excellent EPE steel tube packaging machine


Speedy Details:

Problem: New

Application: Page

Plastic-type Highly processed: Polystyrene

Attach Design and style: Dual-screw

Automated Grade: Automated

Voltage: 380V

Power(W): 150KW

Measurement(L*W*H): 30000*4100*2800

Excess weight: 12T

Cooling down: by blowing wind or water

Item introduction:

This manufacturing line adopts increase-attach foam page extrusion modern technology. Playstation portable foam page is a kind of new-sort packing substance using the features of temperature safety, sanitation, preservation and good plasticity. It’s mostly utilized to make various meals storage containers, such as meal container, supper containers, dishes and so on by thermoforming. It is also can be used to make advertising board, commercial items packing etc. It has stable overall performance, large capability, high automation and yields top quality products.

Primary guidelines:






Applicable supplies

GPPS granule

Thickness of page



Thickness of sheet



Foaming price


Volume excess weight of product



Energy conductivity of item






Ranked power



Power source

a few phase 380v/50Hz

Outside aspect



Total excess weight



Paper moulding machine uses waste paper as raw material to produce different kinds of paper products according to your requirements, such as egg trays, dishes , egg cartons, boxes, apple trays, fruit trays, industrial trays, seeding trays etc.

Our steel tube packaging machine is actually a completely-auto machine line consist of pulp creating system ,creating system and drying out method. This is a complete machine line for you to maintain and operate.

The products produced by our machine are as much as the environmental specifications.

Welcome you to our manufacturer and that we will run machine line immediately for you.