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Capabilities Review

Fhps-500 adopts PLC management, shrink coil packaging for many different products suited to PE, POF shrink packaging resources such as plastic-type. Machine employs sound design, packaging securing limited and straightforward procedure, straightforward maintenance. With my business “CCP-R” sequence shrink machine utilized in association.

Functions Depth

A.seal, the light up generated, nice and clean work environment. packaging, packaging components will probably be placed on the conveyor belt, which can be effortlessly bundled.

electric eye control gadget, choosing top to bottom or horizontal, based on products thickness and sizes.

Saves work charges, an individual can operate those items added to the conveyor buckle can be easily stuffed.

The scale of application

Meals (new vegetables, lunch, fruit and class, coil packaging, etc.hardware, medicines and ) plastic-type material merchandise, car pieces could be.

Technological Parameters

Version name

CCP- L500 automatic shrink coil wrapping machine

Machine sizing


Maximum bundle size L*W*H mm

350*100*60 variable

Packing rates

1500 item/h

Provide voltage

AC220 50/60HZ 2KW

Air flow KG/CM2


For shrink film

POF .012-.03(fold film)

Machine excess weight (kg)


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