Physique of coil packaging

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Well-created ,an easy task to work ,stable generating ,higher accuracy and precision and high efficiency;

8-24 inch slide flat hole can be formed once and matched with the fixed-length closely;

Embrace humanized feel-monitor manage panel and speed converter to create the coil packaging equipment using a secure automatic performance and straightforward adjustment.

1.The coil packaging equipment could be run by one individual to perform slide beads-loading and oil-brushing work,and contains the main advantages of simply being easy to work,substantial productivity and less wear and tear.

2.Get used to PLC automated routine management, all of the treatments of employment could be done once as well as the speed can attain 1000piece/hour.

Construct the center rail and outer rail with golf ball middle and cage plastic,which modifications the original guide assemblage

way,therefore increasing the speed of assemblage and lowering the labor.

Assembly and oiling can be completed once in one machine with high safety and reliability.

Entire body : general framework in the combo, standard machine surface area.

Working table: in the rail,the exterior rail providing the gaming system,the console beads giving trough.

Beads-Access System: Auto beads entry, to control the number of beads.

Loading Device: The application of the product conveyor belt reducer towards the table.

Oiling System: Automated oiling on the external rail,to control the essential oil quantity.

Electric powered management coil packaging machine system: Adopt PLC automatic period control,all the methods of labor can be completed after.

Pneumatic aspect: Atmosphere strain was preferred 4 ~ 6KG.

Gasoline and power elements used in combination with some domestic brand name.

Grease for automatic compensation for refueling.