coil packaging machine Modularity

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With the coil wrapping all six recognized key principles for hygienic second coil packaging are standard, rendering it simple for producers to meet challenging cleanliness regulations at more affordable. The coil wrapping machine is equipped of packing 800 sticks/min (with stick infeed), or 400 pouches/minutes, packed horizontally and vertically, starting with 30 to 60 cartons/min.

The coil packing machine has a exceptionally modest footprint, fitting along with current equipment more easily. It functions stainless-steel design and is also provided with simple delivery service periods.

The coil packing also features: functional productivity, calm operations, and quality end merchandise; superior cleanliness characteristics, including lessened horizontal surface areas, simple coil wrapping machine entry for more quickly cleansing, design and style that decreases build-up of water, bacteria and dust; reliability and speed, based on less parts and speedy alter capabilities, including a new and highly-productive carton publication style.